Twitter’s Moments Now Available on All Devices

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Twitter users in the UAE can now see a new section within Twitter’s new content discovery tab; ‘Explore’, displaying curated moments in Arabic under the ‘Trends’ section, in devices with both Arabic and English language settings. This feature is divided into ‘Today’s Moments’ followed by the ‘Discover all’ section that displays four different categories; News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun.

Moments 1

In November, Twitter launched the Moments feature allowing users to combine a collection of Tweets, whether from their own account or from others’, into a Moment. People could simply curate their own Moments by selecting the top right arrow of any Tweet and click ‘Add to Moment’.

Moments 2

Recently, Twitter has built on the Moments product by rolling it out within a section of its own as part of the Explore page. These moments are curated by two teams; Twitter’s own Arabic curation team in addition to a network of media partners.

You can keep-up with what’s happening around you more easily
Instead of following thousands of accounts or tracking hashtags to keep up with key topics on Twitter, you can simply follow a story; in Arabic, that is shared on the Explore page. After selecting a Moment, you can swipe through a collection of Tweets from multiple sources about the same topic.

You won’t miss out on live stories as they unfold
For stories that update frequently like sporting events, you’ll see the option to temporarily follow a Moment. Similar to following accounts, you will then be able to view any new Tweets that are updated to the Moment on your timeline. When the story ends, so will the Tweets.

Here are some tips when engaging with a Moment on mobile:

  • Swipe to the right: to move from one Tweet to another within a Moment
  • Swipe up or down: to dismiss the Moment and return to the main page
  • Double tap the image of a Tweet within a Moment: to like the Tweet
  • Select the ‘share’ button at the end of a Moment: to share the full Moment