How to protect your car tech in summer’s

How To’s

As the temperatures hit over 40 degrees and continue to increase this summer prompted Belkin to share their ideas on how to protect your car tech in a few simple ways:

1. Never leave your phone in your car when parked – the battery will not charge if it overheats.

2. Position the mount for your phone below the dashboard out of direct sunlight – vent mounts work well as the phone is also cooled by the air conditioner.

3. Use a windshield sunshade to keep the car as cool as possible when parked and protect the charging cables.

4. Your in-car cell phone charger uses electricity from the car battery, so for optimum performance, make sure your car battery is fully maintained.

5. And most importantly, do not leave disposable lighters or have your electronics next to plastics, as those items can potentially leak when overheated and cause damage to your electronics, and to your car!