Aster Hospital to host ‘Digital Detox’ event in Dubai

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With the increase in the appetite for digital content via mobile, tablet, TV or other formats, kids are now spending far greater time on staring at screen and listen all in their ears is proving to be a big health concern and overall development.

Aster Hospital in order to curtail this announced that it will be hosting habit in children is organising a  Digital Detox day for kids and will invite children between the age group of 8 and 18 years with their their parents for a Digital Detox sessions that will engage children in a fun filled, educational day of activities, encouraging them to limit their use of digital devices.

At this event, children will be taught different creative activities that they can engage in during their vacations while temporarily unplugging from screens. These include, creative writing, dancing, yoga, mild forms of exercise and concentration enhancing games. These activities provide children the right direction and empower them with values through innovative means.

Benefits of Digital Detox

  • Greater attention span
  • More involvement in physical activities
  • Improved relationship with parents
  • Better quality of sleep

The one day event will be hosted at Aster Hospital in Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE on coming Saturday, August 4th. Aster Hospital has partnered with the International Association of Human Values and Art of Living, a non-profit organization to spread the message to both parents and kids for spending less time on their devices and more time towards physical fitness.

All the sessions during the Digital Detox day will be free and the event will start 9.30 AM in the morning and will conclude at 6.00 PM in the evening. You can register yourself at