XRSPACE all set to launch 5G VR device

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XRSPACE has announced its plan to launch a reimagined 5G Virtual Reality (VR) device and mass market social experience that will redefine the way people connect, socialize, play, and collaborate. Consumers will experience a metaverse, where the virtual and real-world blur to transform how people come together in a more personal, natural, and meaningful way, without the confines of physical boundaries. Instead of moving a cursor across a grid of icons to open applications as in today’s VR experiences, XRSPACE will offer a novel user interface where users are represented as a real-life looking avatar and navigate the virtual world to experiences of interest.

“XR will positively transform lives,” said Peter Chou, Founder, XRSPACE Corp. Ltd., “We are committed to driving this revolution in human communication, entertainment and productivity made possible with 5G technology. By re-designing the hardware and platform experiences that appeal to mass market consumers, we aim to accelerate the pace of adoption and enlarge the economy of the XR ecosystem.”

XRSPACE intends to create communication experiences for all consumers, not just for the technologically savvy, gamers, or early adopters, with a VR platform where everyday life happens. They plan to reveal more information at their first developer conference in the second half of this 2019, and welcome interested telecom operators and developers to contact them directly for more information.