Panasonic launches new DLP projector in the Middle East

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Panasonic has announced that it is expanding its DLP projector range with the launch of the PT-RCQ10 Series 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors in the Middle East. Using a smooth pixel drive and pure color harmonizer, the PT-RCQ10 projectors heighten colour-reproduction and create vivid, realistic, colour-rich environments at 10,000 lumens. These projectors also boast highly reliable performance of up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation making them ideal for various industrial applications from events and staging to theme parks and museums to exhibitions and more.

The key features for the PT-RCQ10 Projector include Detailed Image Rich in natural colours is achieved with an excellent combination of the newly developed Rich color harmonizer and the Smooth Pixel Drive Technology. Seamless Integration with SLOT NX and Full Lens Lineup offers seamless integration of 4K content and Excellent Reliability in Tough Conditions.

“The PT-RCQ10 is a revolutionary new generation laser 1-chip DLP projector range that delivers detailed, colour-rich images and seamless integration. These projectors have been developed in line with Panasonic’s commitment to help our customers create breathtakingly-real immersive environments. Compact and designed for long-lasting stable brightness, the PT-RCQ10 offers unmatched reliability and efficiency for diverse applications at museums, entertainment venues, large corporate spaces and even outdoor advertisements and public signage,” Thameem Ahammed – Product Manager, Panasonic said.

Panasonic also revealed that the PT-RCQ80 from the same series will be unveiled in December 2019. The PT-RCQ80 line-up carries the same features as the PT-RCQ10 but with 8,000 lumens performance.

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