Blizzard games inspire Lebanese artist to create new art

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To celebrate the uniqueness of the Middle East culture, “Blizzard Lanterns” art project to our fellow gamers, fans, and art lovers. The project was conceptualized and created by the inspiring artist, Pierre Abboud, who is originally from Lebanon and currently resides in the UAE.

The art installations feature six handcrafted lanterns that represent Blizzard Entertainment’s blockbuster franchises including World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises, and the multi-franchise Heroes of the Storm.

The sculptures are all created with a passion and zeal of the artist reflected in his craft; all unique and collectors’ pieces. Each installation is handcrafted by Pierre himself and is based on the attributes and stories that represent the iconic titles.

Pierre’s fulfillment always stemmed from his passion for art and the diversity of medium he uses. These range from sculptures and paintings to installations and interior design. The Blizzard Entertainment-influenced lanterns are Pierre’s first gaming-inspired project.

“Throughout my career as an artist, I took inspiration from many places. I never imagined that gaming would inspire me to create such a cultural cross over. If you look at Blizzard titles, you will see that every title has its own identity and magic. Every character has a strong message to deliver. The stories that these titles bring forth really connected with me. Stories of struggles, finding a place to belong, and doing what is right. Add to that the stunning designs, the deeply built universe, and the history. This inspired me to build a physical bridge to the Middle Eastern culture in the form of lanterns,” said Pierre Abboud, creator of the lanterns.

Each work of art exudes the spirit of Blizzard’s legacy and story each title tells: an enigmatic, fantasy infused, character-rich lanterns blurred the line between gaming and art design. Each installation is handcrafted by Pierre and is based on the attributes and stories that represent the iconic titles.