Sanitizexperts UVC automated robot fights COVID-19

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Sanitizexperts has launched a new UVC automated robot that uses AI technology and can disinfect public spaces in the fight against COVID-19. Rather than using harmful chemicals, sprays and smells and can leave residue, the new robot will provide safe 360-degree disinfection.

The innovation is the result of extensive testing specifically to find solutions that combat COVID-19 by the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). This has found that UV disinfection technologies can offer a multiple barrier approach to reducing the transmission of COVID-19 virus.

Sanitizexperts’ UV and sterilisation robot uses ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““AI technology to automatically plan its path and judge the disinfection time required within a specific environment.

It uses radar vision and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance in order to move freely around a space without collision. The robot uses UV lamps to fight the virus. These can work up to 8,000 hours, disinfect and kill effectively and safely.

The robot is also able to recognise when a human is within reach, upon which it automatically shuts the lamp.

According to Sanitizexperts, the robot works through wifi and can be managed with the click of a button either on a PC or through the app. The software assists users in mapping the area that needs sanitising – it is possible to have multiple automated UVC robots working simultaneously. When battery level energy is low, the robot automatically returns to its station and charges

Omar Chappuis, CEO of Sanitizexperts explained “Whether in a hospital, airport, mall, home or the office, the robot will ensure that bacteria are eliminated, allowing for clean, safe living.”