ASUS announces the ROG Strix XG16 portable gaming display with 144Hz refresh rate

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ASUS has unveiled its newest display products called the ROG Strix XG16 portable gaming monitor with fast refresh rates and a unique gaming design that lets laptop gamers to take advantage of a large screen on the go.

ROG Strix XG16

The new ROG Strix XG16 features a large 15.6-inch screen and ASUS decided to go for an IPS panel that would deliver good colours and viewing angles. Apart from the IPS panel, one of the main features of the display is the 144 Hz refresh rate at Full HD resolution and support for Adaptive-Sync. The new XG16 also has its own kick-stand that supports different multiple angles for both a portrait view or a landscape view. If you want a traditional desktop experience, the new display is designed to also support the ROG Tripod stand that lets users create a multi-monitor configuration on the move like their desktop setups used at homes.

The ROG Strix XG16 comes with a large 7800 mAh battery that allows users to get the device running for three hours. As for the connectivity, the ROG Strix XG16 features a micro-HDMI port that can be used with PCs or even a game console. There is a USB Type-C port that is primarily used to connect the power and another USB Type-C port that allows gamers to connect their smartphones (even the recently announced ASUS ROG Phone 3) and also a Nintendo Switch. ASUS also says that the ROG Strix XG16 can charge the device while you use your device to play games with the monitor. Gamers who choose to use the micro-HDMI port to connect their devices can still use the USB Type-C port to charge their devices.

ROG Strix XG16

The ASUS ROG Strix XG16 packs a pair of front-facing speakers that help to deliver an immersive gaming experience. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack that is powered by an embedded ESS DAC for supreme fidelity.