Bluetooth Devices

Merlin Digital Launches SkySnug Neck Pillow with Embedded Bluetooth Earphones

Merlin Digital has launched its SkySnug neck pillow that comes with embedded Bluetooth earphones. The SkySnug’s hood and neck pillow p...[Read More]

Jabra Intros New Elite Sport Earbuds

  Jabra has launched the Elite Sport wireless sports earbuds. These earbuds are waterproof and deliver freedom of movement, ground-brea...[Read More]

Review: Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker

Ever lost your keys and struggled for hours to find them? Well, Chipolo has an answer. The company’s new Chipolo Plus is a colourful Bluetoo...[Read More]

Review: GROHE Philips Aquatunes

Have you ever wanted to listen to your favourite songs while in the shower? Well, GROHE and Philips have a gadget right for you and it’...[Read More]

Review: Sony H.ear On Wireless Headset

Sony is a brand that boasts a very wide range of products. Be it laptops, smartphones, TV’s or headphones, Sony features a product ran...[Read More]

Review: JBL Charge 3

There is an abundance of wireless Bluetooth speakers in the market, but the world is aware that JBL is in a completely different league. In ...[Read More]

Review: Parrot Zik 3

Stunning design, extreme comfort, superb noise cancellation, a plethora of features nd breathtaking sound quality, this is what the Parrot Z...[Read More]

Nokia dials for wearables

Nokia plans to buy french health and wearable company, Withings S.A. for EUR 170 million. Withings is a pioneer in the connected health revo...[Read More]

Review: Creative Sound Blaster Jam

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam is a pair of headphones with an unbelievable price of $50. In a very comfortable frame though the look is lit...[Read More]

Nikon to bridge connectivity with SnapBridge

Nikon Middle East announced the availability of the SnapBridge app for Android that enables seamless connection of a Nikon digital camera to...[Read More]

Review: Jabra Eclipse

During a busy schedule and when you are most of the time either driving or moving from place to another, a Bluetooth headset can be of great...[Read More]

Review: Neyya Smart Ring

The Neyya Smart Ring is a device which is operated by the Bluetooth technology and it works as the remote control for the smart phones, comp...[Read More]