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The Creative Nuno Micro is a small, lightweight and stylish Bluetooth speaker that sports a simple yet appealing design. It has a fabric exterior that wraps nicely around the walls of the speaker and comes in two fabric colors, Black and Heather grey. The top and bottom of the speaker are textured plastic giving it a nice, natural leather-like appearance.

With cover

The speaker sits inside a hard shell plastic packaging along with a set of manuals and warranty card cleverly hidden from view inside the base. It was, however, surprising to see that a 3.5 mm auxiliary connector and micro-USB to USB charging cable were not part of this package. This would not pose a problem if you intend to connect your smartphones and laptops via Bluetooth but for a wired connection, you will have to dig in your pocket for some extra bucks. Not many people are keen on carrying extra sets of cables on them, so dropping the AUX cable seems right but adding a charging cable to the set would not be such a bad idea.


Manual controls are a bare minimum which is understandable considering the speaker’s small size. At the top of this cube shaped speaker there are two volume up/down buttons. These can also be used to navigate through your playlist giving you the prev/next option. When you reach the maximum or minimum volumes, the speaker gives out a short chirpy sound indicating that this is max you can go. The third button will play/pause your music and also doubles up as call-answering button. You can also long-press this button to pair with your device via Bluetooth.

On the back side, you will find the power on/off button along with the auxiliary 3.5 mm jack and a micro USB port. While you may forget the power button sitting on the backside, the speaker makes up for it with its auto off function. Nuno Micro will automatically power down when there is no Bluetooth connection or audio cable attached to it for more than 10 minutes. A blinking red and blue light indicates that the speaker has powered down and to reconnect, all you need to do is to press the play/pause button again.


Nuno Micro has a pretty decent sound quality and though the bass did not really impress us, it gave a decently high volume with well-balanced mid-range and sharp highs. The audio quality remained unchanged when we switched from Bluetooth to AUX connection. The speaker lives up to its claims of a 4 hour battery life and gives out a crisp, loud audio output for a small-size speaker but it would not fit the bill if you are looking for a surround sound effect.

With an amazing sound quality (for its size) and an impressive Bluetooth range (up to 10 meters), it is a good option for a small party in your living room but if you are going out for an outing to the beach, a four hour playback time may not be what you are looking for. Sporting a price tag of approximately AED 99 (as per Creative website), it is worth the purchase for a carry around portable speaker with limited battery life.

Price: AED 99

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