MContent Launches The World’s First Distributed Supercar Ownership NFT With Instant Success

MContent has introduced the world’s first supercar ownership NFT series selling the first three in minutes. The unprecedented launch event u...[Read More]

ESET discover scheme to steal cryptocurrency targeting smartphones

ESET Research discovered and backtracked a sophisticated malicious cryptocurrency scheme that targets mobile devices using Android or iOS op...[Read More]

Pay and enjoy fresh baked goods with cryptocurrency at Bake N More

The city has a new one-of-its-kind factory with its retail cafe, Bake N More, where customers can pay for and enjoy their fresh baked goods ...[Read More]

MContent and PwC jointly introduces Cineverse for everyone and anywhere

MContent has announced the arrival of the Cineverse to the world whereby they aspire to bring Cinema to people anywhere, anytime – MCo...[Read More]

World’s 1st LGBT+ cryptocurrency ‘Maricoin’ launched

Maricoin, the world’s 1st LGBT+ cryptocurrency launched yesterday in Madrid, Spain after a weeklong pilot involving 10 businesses. The Maric...[Read More]

Bitcoin likely to double over next 12 months

Bitcoin’s current price drop will be seen as a major buying opportunity amongst investors with the value likely “to double over the next 12 ...[Read More]

Blockchain users can now manage their assets on Samsung Galaxy devices with support for hardware wallets

Samsung Electronics has officially announced that blockchain users can now manage and trade virtual cryptocurrency assets from third-party w...[Read More]

Virtuzone to accept Bitcoin payments for business setup

Virtuzone, a UAE based company formation specialists have announced that they now accept Bitcoin payments for business setup, becoming the f...[Read More]

HTC join hands with Bitcoin

Leading smartphone manufacturer, HTC and one of the world’s oldest and most established cryptocurrency, Bitcoin have announced the beg...[Read More]

Cryptojacking will continue to grow in 2019

Cases of cryptocurrency mining and cryptojacking will continue to grow in 2019, as attackers target smart devices and home assistants to bui...[Read More]

Opera PC Browser now with built-in crypto wallet

Opera, the popular browser announced that it is adding a built-in crypto wallet to its PC Browser and all the user will need to do is to con...[Read More]

Watts Miners launches new line of mining rigs

Watts Miners, a company that develops and sells cutting edge cryptocurrency mining rigs equipped with ASIC chip technology, launched its lin...[Read More]

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