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Samsung unveils Galaxy S5

Samsung Electronics has announced the fifth generation of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5, and its ideal fitness companion, the Gear Fit.

Power League Gaming announces Fanta Masters Gaming Tournament

Fanta, a leading brand from The Coca-Cola Company portfolio, has decided to enter the fastest growing Arab teen passion point of Video Gaming by launching its FANTA MASTERS Gaming Tournament

Get Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight for free!

Starting tomorrow, two more great titles are available via the Games with Gold program on Xbox 360, available for free for a limited time

Tech pranks for April Fool’s Day

Pranks bring people closer together. If you find yourself in an office environment with a lot of computers and people who foolishly trust you, take this opportunity to create some memories.

Yahoo to launch its own version of YouTube

Yahoo might have already realized that it is missing out a lot of opportunities by not having a video sharing service of its own.

Microsoft Office Apps now available for iPad

You are not seeing things. The iTunes App Store has Microsoft Office apps in it.

Mobility is a major focus for Acer

Review Central speaks to David Drummond, Acer’s Vice President for Middle East and Africa to find out more about the company’s plans for 2014

Sony and Panasonic team up to formulate “Archival Disc”

Sony and Panasonic have announced that they have formulated “Archival Disc”, a new standard for professional-use,next-generation optical discs, with the objective of expanding the market for long-term...

Philips launches Cloud Monitor Base

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, is set to streamline IT in organisations everywhere with the all-in-one simplicity of the Philips Cloud Monitor Base...

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