Sennheiser Shows Off AMBEO Smart Headset at IFA GPC 2017

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Samsung’s “The Frame” to Hit the Markets in May

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Porsche Design Book One’s Pricing and Availability Announced

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IFA Kickstarts its Global Press Conference 2017

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Passion for Tech is Driving Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Market: IFA 2017

At IFA’s Media Reception in Las Vegas, IFA partners GfK, Alibaba, Gome, Philips, Teufel/ Raumfeld and PowerVison presented a market outlook,...[Read More]

CE China 2017 to Run From May 4 to May 6, 2017

Following its successful premiere in April this year, the second CE China has now been scheduled for 2017. As a global IFA event, CE China i...[Read More]