Review: Jabra Elite 8 Active ANC Earbuds

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Jabra’s latest Elite 8 Active noise-canceling earbuds are designed to offer stellar audio performance and ruggedness for casual users, athletes, and sports enthusiasts. We got an opportunity to try the new sports earbuds, and here are our thoughts about the device.


Jabra mentions that the Elite 8 Active is the world’s toughest earbuds, capable of withstanding different situations related to dust and water. The earbuds are rigorously tested to handle areas with dust, including biking on dusty mountain trails and sandy beaches. The earbuds are also completely waterproof, can endure heavy storms, and can survive up to 1.5 meters below when submerged in water.

Each of the earbuds weighs only 5g and features a soft exterior surface. The dimensions of the charging case are 24.4mm x 46.9mm x 65.4mm and weigh only 46.4g. While most charging cases have a flat bottom, the case that comes with the Elite 8 Active is curved, and the USB-C port is located on the bottom.

The earbuds come with MIL-STD-810h and IP68 certification for dust and water resistance. On a side note, the earbuds are also sweatproof. And we are surprised that the charging case also features rugged protection, and also comes with IP54 certification. While most earbuds on the market feature a touch-sensitive surface, the Elite 8 Active earbuds come with an integrated button to interact with music controls.

The earbud’s soft exterior surface, which we mentioned before, is made of a Liquid Silicone Rubber compound. This soft exterior not only feels comfortable to wear but also stays firm for longer hours during our workouts. The closed earbud design also contributes to a comfortable and secure fit, and Jabra calls it ShakeGrip technology. Jabra claims that they have studied over 62,000 types of ear shapes to create the perfect earbud design.

The box contents include the Elite 8 Active earbuds, the charging case, three sets of EarGels earbud sizes, a short USB-C to USB-A cable, a warranty, and a warning leaflet. The Elite 8 Active comes in four different colors, and this includes black, caramel, gray, and navy blue.


The Elite 8 Active isn’t just about ruggedness and wearing comfort, it also incorporates audio technologies that provide stellar audio quality for music playback and video/audio calls. For starters, the earbuds feature Adaptive Hybrid Active-Noise Cancellation that blocks unwanted sounds from outside, for an uninterrupted music experience. With the inclusion of adaptive technology, the earbuds adjust the noise-cancellation based on the user’s surroundings. This includes extreme situations such as cycling in high windy areas, running outside in noisy places, or even blow-drying your hair in the changing room.

Then comes the Jabra HearThrough technology that is designed to block noise caused by winds, even when you are jogging or cycling outside. While the ANC isolates unwanted noise, the HearThrough technology focuses only on the elimination of wind noise. The ANC is also present for voice calls, and the earbuds also feature a 6-mic call technology for clear calls on the move. Both the speaker (speak mode) and microphone bandwidth range between 100Hz and 8000Hz. For speaker mode, the 6mm audio driver has support for bandwidth that ranges between 20Hz and 20000Hz.

Users can also customize different aspects of the earbuds with the Jabra Sound+ application, where you can customize the equalizer, switch between ANC and HearThrough modes, and customize for Spotify, Siri, and Google Assistant. The earbuds also feature Dolby Spatial Sound for immersive audio experiences.

When it comes to connectivity, the Elite 8 Active features the latest Bluetooth 5.3, with an operating range of up to 10m, and can pair with up to 10 devices, along with support for Bluetooth Multipoint and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE audio). Jabra mentions that the Elite 8 Active and charging case combined, can last up to 56 hours of playback with ANC off, and up to 32 hours when ANC is turned on. While the charging case has support for wireless charging, users can achieve up to one hour of playback with 5 minutes of fast charge.


For those looking for good sports-oriented noise-canceling earbuds that can handle tough situations and also provide stellar audio quality, we recommend the new Jabra Elite 8 Active ANC earbuds. The earbuds are made of Liquid Silicone Rubber and come with MIL-STD-810h and IP68 certifications for dust and water resistance. The charging case also comes with IP54 certification. The earbuds weigh 46.4g each, and the ShakeGrip design helps to keep the earbuds comfortable and secure, even while jogging or doing any sports-related activities.

Apart from the adaptive noise cancelation that automatically adjusts with the surroundings, the Elite 8 Active also features the HearThrough technology that blocks noise caused by winds. The ANC is also present during calls, and the 6-mic call technology helps for clearer calls on the go. The earbuds also feature Dolby Spatial Sound, Bluetooth 5.3, and Bluetooth Multipoint support. Users can adjust the settings and do firmware updates via the Jabra Sound+ application. The Elite 8 Active earbuds and the charging case can last up to 32 hours with ANC-enabled, along with support for wireless charging and fast charging.