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PC Gaming growing fast in the region

Vineeth Sebastian, regional sales director for MEA at AOC

Vineeth Sebastian, the regional sales director for MEA at AOC speaks to Review Central about the fast growing Gaming PC and Laptop market in the Middle East 

How Is the market for gaming PC/Laptop in the region?
The market for gaming PC and Laptops in this region is still in infancy state but it certainly is evolving fast. The region is witnessing a renewed interest in gaming that is fueled by Increasing broadband penetration and the connectivity of more Arab youth to the internet then ever before. Latest technology advancements in PC gaming and the availability in local and international game titles in Arabic language is also taking the market to next level soon. Looking at all these positives signs, we certainly believe the outlook for this segment is quite bright.

How is the market growing in the region?
Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company predicted that the Gaming is also the fastest growing media segment in the Middle East, expected to nearly triple in size in the coming years — from $1.6 billion in 2014 to $4.4 billion in 2022”,

How is the market for upgrades of existing machines?
Depending on their needs and requirements users are going in for either replacement or up gradation of their machines that is translating in increasing the demand in the gaming segment. Consumers are getting more and more hungry for new, faster and latest technologies that enhance their gaming experience to a complete new level.

What are the current trends in Gaming PC monitor market and how is AOC targeting this growing segment?
We are experiencing an increased appetite of users for higher refresh rates, curved monitors and bigger screen sizes. Increased screen size is always a demand. As the price gap narrows down between screen sizes, higher screen sizes become the standard. Curved display also has generated lot of traction in the market.

To target this growing market worldwide and regionally also, AOC has decided to create an entirely brand new range of gaming monitors coined as “AGON”. The AGON monitors are expected to be available in the region later in the year. All future AOC gaming product releases will be under the AGON name. AGON will also encompass AOC’s future gaming-related activities and social media voice. Some of AOC’s existing gaming displays, previously grouped together with other products, will be rebranded under AGON. We do expect the AGON gaming series of monitors will be well received by the users in the region.

We will soon have the “QHD 144Hz” monitor with sizes 23.8 & 27 inch, also for the curved 144Hz monitors we have amazing models such as (AG 242FC 23.6”), (AC 272FC 27”) and (AG 342UC 34”), and for the Large monitors we have the V Line with size 40 inch’s such as (C4008VH8) & (C400VU8).


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