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NeuroMem introduces new USB-enabled drivers for Neuroshield

NeuroMem Technologies announced the availability of their new drivers for the NeuroShield board that is developed by its ecosystem partner, Nepes, NeuroShield is a shield board featuring the NeuroMem NM500 neuromorphic chip with 576 neurons ready to learn and recognize stimuli extracted from any type of sensors including IMU, audio, environmental sensors, bio-signal, video and more.

Pierre Brunswick, CEO at NeuroMem Technologies, said, “The new drivers, available worldwide, including the introduction of the USB interface, is a step forward and will help our developer ecosystem leverage our technology to create more applications easily and in very short time. Our unique pattern-learning technology needs input and parameters so that the devices learn continuously.”

NeuroShield is compatible with Arduino, Mbed, Raspberry PI, Pyboard and any microcontrollers which can support SPI communication. Neuromem, with its ecosystem partners and developers, has created a full range of support tools and packages to help hardware vendors develop a complete workflow, allowing for the training of the neurons either in real-time on a board mounted on a microcontroller or off-line connected to a PC, or even a combination of both, since the knowledge built by the neurons is easily traceable and portable.

NeuroShield is being leveraged for AI solutions for use in various sectors including wearable, health monitoring, smart home, alarm, indeed all applications requiring sensors with the need of easy and fast pattern learning and pattern recognition.

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