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Huawei introduces AI selfie with a front camera

HUAWEI nova 3, with 24MP front AI-camera is able to distinguish a human face from the background. The camera instantly recognizes more than 200 scenarios across eight categories including Blue Sky, Beach, Plants, Night, Stage and Flower. After it processes what scene the cameras are pointing at, the device will apply beautification on the subjects and also optimizations on the background.

Meanwhile, the 2MP secondary sensor works in sync to capture depth and automatically sets to enhance the best of the background in a way that truly gives both you and your audience an opportunity to relive the moment all over again. Its powerful algorithm also knows to apply beautification to your face, making sure the light falls in just the right places to accentuate contours and conceal imperfections, as well as adjust skin tones and facial details by age and gender.

An AI-selfie mode acts much like your very own professional robot photographer and automatically adjusts all the settings to snap your most flattering selfie on first go. It knows to focus on your face – but it’s also simultaneously calibrating settings to bring out the best of your background, creating not just a self-portrait but a living moment that tells the story of your selfie.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the HUAWEI nova 3 boasts not one, not two, but four cameras – 24 MP + 2 MP dual AI selfie cameras on the front and 24 MP + 16 MP rear dual cameras. But unlike other smartphones in portrait mode that create a bokeh effect where a subject remains in sharp focus while the background is blurred.


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