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Huawei to build a new digital services platform

At MWC 2019, Huawei today announced that it will build a new digital services platform of HUAWEI AppTouch for global carriers based on the existing services, helping carriers to provide users with more and better digital content cloud services, such as games, videos, music, information flow, etc.

Jervis Su, Vice President of Mobile Services,Huawei Consumer Business Group, gave a detailed introduction to the strategic positioning of Huawei’s new cloud platform for AppTouch in the MWC “Innovation Inspiring New Growth” forum, and said “Huawei will continue to provide support for carriers’ digital transformation, with innovative, streamlined business solutions that address customer’s pain points and problems, broaden business boundaries and help customers succeed in business.”

With Huawei mobile phone hot selling around the world, Huawei Mobile Services based on Huawei terminal products, are developing rapidly around the world. Jervis Su introduced Huawei Mobile Services to create an all-scenario, high-quality digital life experience for Huawei consumers. As of now, Huawei Mobile Services has entered more than 170 countries and regions, with more than 500 million users worldwide, of which more than 75 million users are from outside China market.

The new AppTouch platform integrates global digital content ecosystem resources and channel resources and will become an important part of Huawei Mobile Services. It will provide users with digital content cloud services, such as games, videos, music and information flow for global carrier customers. Through cloud-based deployment, it provides carriers with platform, content, channels and end-to-end ecological solutions and services to help carriers develop business and enhance brand influence.

Till now, HUAWEI AppTouch platform has already been serving more than 60 carriers in over 40 countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The current monthly paid users on AppTouch exceed 20 million. As Jervis Su introduced, the new AppTouch owns four following advantages:

Globalized ecosystem: Through AppTouch’s aggregation of various global contents, including games, videos and music, etc., carriers can easily access the global ecosystem resources by single-point cooperation with Huawei.

  • Cloud-based deployment: AppTouch platform enables carriers to quickly deploy new digital services.
  • Multi-channel promotion: AppTouch platform integrates global top marketing channels to help quickly reach users.
  • Localized operations: Huawei local employees are responsible for marketing and operations to enable local operations in different countries.

Huawei will officially release the new AppTouch platform during the Digital Game Conference (DGC) in Dubai on March 5, and will quickly promote the platform to the world, bringing more and better services to carriers and consumers.

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