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8 reasons why software should sit on the throne

When you play the game of phones, you win or you die. In the endless battle of smartphone specs, it seems to be impossible to choose a hero phone. The true hero will be capable of offering an experience that never ages. It’s the software, the unsung hero, which propels your hardware to go further, for longer.

But not all Android phones offer this winning edge. Android One, as across Nokia smartphones, offers an undiluted Android experience with no bloatware to slow you down. You also get faster software updates before anyone else and monthly security patches, so your device will outlive others and survive the endless game of phones.
Here are 8 reasons why Android One is a differentiator in the game of phones:
• Peak Performance: While others push updates that slow phones down – you get software that auto-adjusts to your needs 2 years of Android platform upgrades
• Your phone fortified: Your phone is very secure with monthly security updates and Google Play Protect integrated
• The power of Artificial Intelligence: With built-in Google Assistant and Google Lens features your smartphone experience will become smoother than ever
• Long live your battery: Adaptive Battery learns how you like to use your favorite apps and prioritizes improving the battery life
• Storage stress solved: Light on pre-loaded apps and offer unlimited high-quality photo storage for free from Google Photos
• Smart protection: Play Protect actively scans over 50 billion apps per day and uses Google’s machine learning to dynamically prevent viruses and malware
• Find My Device: Track down a lost or stolen device, set a passcode, or wipe it clean by signing into your Google account from another device
• Simple & Streamlined: With software designed by Google, Android One is easy to navigate and customize right out of the box

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