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Bang & Olufsen launches its first soundbar, Beosound Stage

Bang & Olufsen announced Beosound Stage, the first soundbar that brings the rich and powerful Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to any TV. Underlining Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to design and sound innovation, Beosound Stage is crafted with the ambition of creating a superbly deep and powerful soundbar, for everyone who wants an immersive cinematic experience from one single speaker.

“We created Beosound Stage as a powerful soundbar that doesn’t rely on a subwoofer or satellites to create an immersive experience. The first time you hear Beosound Stage, the impact of the deep, powerful sound hits you immediately, and the simple minimalistic Scandinavian design makes it stand out like a piece of furniture. It is simply clean, elegant and powerful”, says Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen, Vice President of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen.

Beosound Stage is designed in collaboration with Danish studio NORM Architects as part of Bang & Olufsen’s design strategy to humanize technology: Working with simple geometric shapes, using natural materials, Bang & Olufsen creates meaningful products that integrate beautifully into the home.

The focal point of the soundbar’s design is its simple, elegant frame, which is available in natural aluminium, bronze tone aluminium or smoked oak. The frame runs all the way around the speaker and houses a seamlessly integrated engraved sensory control panel. The 2mm gap between the frame and the fabric speaker cover gives the illusion that the speaker is floating within the frame and creates an exciting contrast between the rigid exterior and the soft, acoustically transparent textile.

As a testament to Bang & Olufsen’s unmatched craftsmanship, the natural and bronze tone frames are made from a single piece of forged aluminium, resulting in no visible seams. The smoked oak version features traditionally crafted dovetail joints, a detail typically seen in fine Scandinavian cabinetry.

Beosound Stage comes with eleven speaker drivers, each driven by its own 50-watt amplifier, resulting in a 3-channel, fully active, DSP-based loudspeaker that satisfies even the most discerning listener.

  • Bang & Olufsen’s renowned acoustic engineers have opted for large custom woofers that cover a greater portion of the lower frequency range, in order to deliver a rich and superbly deep bass. The centre channel drivers include four of those 4-inch woofers, which are designed to reduce distortion and allow greater movement, which provides an improved bass performance.
  • The mid frequencies of the centre channel are handled by two 1 ½-inch midrange drivers along with a 3/4-inch dome tweeter.
  • The left and right sides of the speaker are optimized to deliver the three-dimensional sound. A 1½-inch midrange and a ¾ inch tweeters at each side, are placed close together at a 45-degrees off axis angle in a baffle design to create a 3D sound effect.

Beosound Stage features Dolby Atmos, the latest evolution in multichannel audio. Dolby Atmos works by heightening the soundstage, giving the audio a three-dimensional effect. This allows individual sounds to be moved around, creating the impression of helicopters flying above you or items falling behind you.

Beosound Stage comes with different listening modes, which are optimized for the material you are listening to. You can select from five different listening modes: TV, Music, Movie, Night Listening or None. After selecting the listening mode, you can then fine-tune the sound precisely to your taste using ToneTouch, Bang & Olufsen’s playful and intuitive equalizer that allows you to feel your way through the sound settings and find the one that best suits the situation.

As a perfect companion for the TV, or as a music system in its own right, Beosound Stage is compatible with the leading streaming technologies—Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth—which can be used when the TV is inactive, offering multi-room functionality.

Beosound Stage is available globally from late Autumn 2019. Beosound Stage Aluminium and Beosound Stage Bronze Tone are available online, in select third-party retailers and in Bang & Olufsen stores for EUR 1,500. Beosound Stage Smoked Oak is available in Bang & Olufsen stores exclusively for EUR 2,250.

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