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New online platform to support entrepreneurs launched

Mind Cloud Tribe announces the launch of its new website www.mindcloudtribe.com, a first of its kind, B2B and B2C, home-grown online platform that aims to support entrepreneurs of all stages with a comprehensive set of resources to support them on their journey.
Mind Cloud Tribe is a unique platform of tutorials (videos, tools & tool-builders) developed to help entrepreneurs build their business plan; as well as a marketplace of experts, courses and resources to work with. Thus, users of the program are saved the time, effort and expense of having to use three or more separate sites to achieve the same results.

The platform offers 2 complementary sections: The Learning Journey, and The Experts Path.

The Learning Journey is a practical, step-by-step journey for Entrepreneurs at different stages of maturity (e.g. New Entrepreneur, Corporate Intrapreneur, Growth Entrepreneur, Fundraising Entrepreneur). It comprises a series of tutorials (videos, tools, and tool-builders) that will guide the users through building their business plan and investment deck.

The Experts Path presents a group of inspirational experts committed to sharing their knowledge, and working with entrepreneurs, to work towards solving problems through tutorials and one on one consultancy. Some of the topics covered are: Financial Assumptions, Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Legal, PR, HR, and many more.

Genny Ghanimeh, founder and managing partner at Mind Cloud Tribe, commented “According to bayt.com, 73% of employees are currently thinking of starting their own business but lack the skills. Wamda tells us that corporates anticipate technological disruption in their industries however 80% of those in the MENA region have underdeveloped innovation strategies. Moreover, SMEs contribute today to 53% of GDP, and the UAE plans to increase that contribution to 60% by 2021. Mind Cloud Tribe offers a practical and comprehensive solution to address this very real and pressing need to upskill the region’s entrepreneurial workforce”.

Mind Cloud Tribe is a spin-off of Mind Cloud Academy, the UAE’s first KHDA accredited program for entrepreneurs. As of today, Mind Cloud Academy, with the support of Area 2071 and Dubai Future Foundation, has graduated 7 cohorts and 92 graduates. Mind Cloud Tribe is proud to have concluded partnerships with AREA 2071, Virtuzone and Global Grad Show, prior to the official launch.

Genny concludes “Success is a path, not an objective – a brick builder on the road to self-growth, purpose and legacy. In that sense Mind Cloud Tribe aims to support a wide-ranging audience from students to small business owners, corporate intrapreneurs to start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs, with a full set of tailor-made online resources, tutorials, tools, experts & communities. I hope that the platform will inspire every person to start or grow on their own entrepreneurial journey, and may it be paved with lasting success.”

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