HP unveils world’s first single sourced remote workstation solution

HP unveils world’s first single sourced remote workstation solution

HP unveiled HP ZCentral, a solution powering the next-gen of computing with the world’s first single sourced remote workstation solution. ZCentral centralizes high-end computer power in a single location, liberating power-users who work on graphics-intensive applications and enabling remote, mobile and fluid workstyles.

It combines Z by HP racked high performance workstations, a new generation ZCentral Remote Boost software – formerly known as Remote Graphics Software (RGS) – and new proprietary ZCentral Connect software to accelerate high compute workflows.

ZCentral equips IT departments with predictable and dedicated remote performance, independent of the OS (MacOS, Windows, Linux) and a simple way to manage those connections with ultimate data security and enables them to easily assign workstations, monitor connections and logins all through one simple interface.ZCentral Connect also makes it simple and easy for power users to connect to dedicated, centralized compute or access the next available workstation within an assigned pool of centralized workstations. By keeping the workstation secure and centralized next to the data storage, with the ZCentral Connect and ZCentral Remote Boost connection, only encrypted pixels are sent over the network, so company data remains highly secure at the source.

Various challenges and costs associated with managing various platforms and devices are also reduced while offering secure remote access to users. ZCentral offers 16%-33% higher performance, at 59%-72% of the cost of today’s virtualized workstations.

HP will deliver the full end-to-end ZCentral solutions to partners across various industries, including AEC, Data Science, Media and Entertainment, and Oil and Gas, among others. The updated ZCentral Remote Boost and new ZCentral Connect software will be available in early 2020, with beta versions available for current customers.