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World’s most mind-blowing live combat experience arrives in Dubai

Entertainment hub Immersive Experiences announces the launch of its live-action combat simulation concept, Xstrike, in the heart of Dubai located at Al Quoz is all set to open its door for action to the public on December 13.

The promoters claim that Xstrike takes this to the next level by launching its live combat experience, switching the laptop screen out with a real-life scenario!

Successfully bridging the gap between traditional paintball and laser-tag, Xstrike utilizes weapons systems and software from iCombat, a US based industry leader in live-action combat simulation experiences. Customers can use the “Combat Simulation” line of equipment which replicates the form and fit of the most well-known assault rifles in the world such as the M16 and M4, featuring live noise and recoil to give players a truly authentic experience. While the main attraction is aimed at combat simulation enthusiasts (aged 10 and above) and individuals looking for a more true to life experience, Xstrike also offers a more conventional experience – the “Tactical Laser Tag” line of equipment; the Invictus and Hero Blast games, that cater to all ages.

Boasting a whopping 31,000 square feet, Xstrike consist of two playing fields that closely mimic Hollywood style movie sets. As players search high and low for the ideal shooting angle, there are endless areas to explore as fields include an authentic military-themed Base Camp, a mystical “Post-Apocalyptic City” and an “Abandoned Subway”, all based on an interwoven narrative with life-like stories.

The immersive experience welcomes participants, which can range from 2 to 40 players divided into 20 man teams and sent on several missions where intense special effects and props create the feel of a live-action battle. Each mission is uniquely created with their own objectives and rewards where players can increase their ranking – in fact, there will even be tournaments!

Each player and teams’ performance throughout the game and after, can easily be tracked and showcased on a leaderboard screen with a detailed set of statistics using cloud-based server ‘Barracks’. As if that isn’t cool enough, players can also access statistics against fellow comrades worldwide, which contains more than 500,000 users across more than 65 countries.

Xstrike is a chance to test out your stealth skills in corporate team-outings, family days out, birthdays or simply an unforgettable day out with friends. What’s more, there are spacious private party-rooms available with special packages, as well as an enticing chill-out zone with foosball, arcade game machines and an in-house F&B zone.

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Sameer Ali comments ‘’The UAE sets the stage for world-class entertainment where citizens, as well as visitors, are always looking for new experiences. Paying close attention to the industry and how it is evolving, we are convinced that Xstrike will be a concept that will not only contribute to revolutionizing combat simulation and tactical laser tag, but the entire entertainment industry in the region ‘’

Prices start from AED 89. For more information and bookings please visit https://xstrike.com

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