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How to lit up your social feed with food photography

Consumers across the world today are communicating in more visual ways as photo and video capabilities drive more creative ways of sharing exciting lifestyle moments. Of these, sharing vibrant photos of exciting new cuisines and unique dining experiences is a popular way for foodies to communicate and document their favorite memories and lifestyle moments.

According to recent studies, 69% of millennials take a photo or video of their food before delving in to eat. Moreover, 23% of all Instagram users photograph their food as a way of documenting their foodie exploits and adventures. Thanks to the Galaxy Note10’s pro-grade video tools and amazing camera, more users than ever can now shoot, edit, upload, and enjoy their favorite foodie moments right from their palms.For creators and storytellers who see the word differently, here are the best ways to light up social media feeds and dish out amazing food photos with the Galaxy Note10 lineup:

1.Capture meals from all angles – For aspiring amateur foodie content creators, the Galaxy Note10’s suite of state-of-the-art tools and exceptional pro-grade cameras enables users to capture stunning video and photo. With a 10MP Selfie Camera, a 16MP Ultra-wide Camera, a 12MP Wide-angled Camera, a 12MP Telephoto Camera, and the innovative DepthVision Camera (Note10+ only), the Note10 lineup features a variety of lens innovations to enable consumers more ways than ever to light up their social media channels, stories, and posts.

2.Zoom in and out at the flick of a wrist – Thanks to the truly innovative addition of S Pen Air actions on the new Note10 series, users can now switch between as well as select camera modes, zoom in or out, or move between front and rear cameras using Air Gestures. This give users’ full control of their food photography by enabling them to execute precision actions while setting up the scene for that truly foodgrammable shot.

3.Simulate movement for a sense of realism – The addition of movement to any photo is the key to giving viewers a sense of realism that helps puts them in the moment. One way to do this is by creating fancy blur effects like the bokeh effect, which renders out-of-focus points of light in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The Galaxy Note10’s Live Focus video now lets users add various background effects, including bokeh, to enable depth-of-field adjustments for more artistic precision and stylized foodie shots.

4.Edit on the go – With comprehensive, pro-grade photo and video editing capabilities in their hands, the Note10 lineup lets users adjust their prized compositions before uploading them to their social feeds. What’s more, the video editor can be used with the all-new S Pen, helping them select, edit, and trim content with the utmost precision.

5.Embrace the ‘cheat day’ – If all else fails, users can cheat their way to insta-fame with Food Mode – the built-in camera mode that makes the color and details of any dish pop. Enriching users’ content to ensure their food gets the photographic justice it deserves, Food Mode allows people to capture their food in a highlighted area before adjusting features such as color temperature and radial blur prior to capturing a winning foodie image.

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