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Vivo S1 Pro unleashes new enhanced camera capabilities

Photography is one of the most popular aspects of today’s smartphones. From capturing enduring images of friends and family to mountains and lakes, architectural wonders and everything in between, consumers are constantly on their phones, recording life’s most expected and unexpected moments.

Over the past three years, technological advances, such as the mainstreaming of AI, and electronic and optical image stabilisation, among other innovations, have led to the enhancement of lenses and applications to edit images, allowing manufacturers to greatly improve the quality of mobile photography.

Vivo is always exploring new ways to innovate and develop products that consumers love and enjoy. If you are looking for a phone that helps you to capture your most precious moments, then Vivo S1 Pro is your best option. Here’s a look at some of the top photography features the smartphone offers.

Selfies, selfies, selfies
From upgraded hardware and software to enhanced camera capabilities, the S1 Pro has new and improved features that will make it your most indispensable accessory. The smartphone is equipped with a powerful 32MP front camera that allows you to find your unique style. With AI algorithms embedded in the software of the S1 Pro, you can capture selfies that are beyond your imagination:

  • Pose Master features a number of different poses that guide you to take better selfies and group shots.
  • AI Face Beauty allows you to sharpen your image by using the ultimate facial enhancement feature.
  • AI Makeup enables you to look even more glam by enhancing your natural features instantly.

A new photography experiences
The S1 Pro’s rear camera comprises a main 48MP camera supported by wide-angle, macro and bokeh cameras that can cater to almost every scene:

  • 48MP AI Quad Camera ensures that you get professional-grade photos no matter where or what you are shooting. With a ½ inch sensor supported by a large f/1.8 aperture, the images are of high quality, precise and boast a clear resolution.
  • 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera allows you to broaden photography boundaries by 120 degrees. This means in addition to making natural landscapes easier to shoot, every smile in group photos will also be captured in intricate detail.
  • 2MP Macro Camera reveals a brand-new world of tiny wonders. Get creative with the 4 cm focus lens that is also a great asset for your social media accounts.
  • 2MP Bokeh Camera ensures top-quality photos with a sharper resolution through blending the out-of-focus or “blurry” background components and the more defined subject into one, well-composed shot.

The S1 Pro’s cameras help you to take professional quality pictures, irrespective of the scene you are capturing – expect nothing less than stunning photos that record life’s most beautiful moments.

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