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Garena announces the launch BOOYAH!

Garena has launched BOOYAH!, a platform where people will be able to create and watch live gameplay videos.

Garena aims to bring the gaming community together through BOOYAH! by offering a dedicated platform for players to create their own video content, chat with like-minded people, and play together with their favourite streamers.

BOOYAH! will let gamers live stream their own gameplay on BOOYAH! as well as to major streaming platforms such as YouTube Gaming. Users will be able to restream and chat with viewers on all platforms simultaneously at no cost.

The app will also host an exciting line-up of weekly events in the coming months to reward users of the platform which include streamer reward programs which allows popular streamers to earn real money that they can cash out.

Popular MENA streamers have joined BOOYAH! Such as M8N, Gameriss 200hp, LORD Ahmed, Al3ked Gamer, and ALGENERAL GM.

As an all-in-one platform for gamers to discover and share game-related video content, BOOYAH! offers a host of exciting features such as: Live streaming, Automatically generate Free Fire match highlights, Upload video content and Play with their favourite streamers.

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