Lulu Group partners with PayBy to offer contactless payment

Lulu Group partners with PayBy to offer contactless payment

PayBy is partnering with the LuLu Group to aid in its digitalization program. Following a successful pilot project in Abu Dhabi, PayBy’s revolutionary contactless payment solutions are now operational across more than 60 LuLu hypermarkets and stores in the UAE.

When shopping in LuLu stores and hypermarkets, customers can simply present the QR code in the PayBy app and let the cashier scan it and wait for the payment confirmation. After entering their PIN, TouchID or Face ID on their device, they can check the payment confirmation thereby ensuring quick, contactless transaction.

For online shoppers too, PayBy significantly reduces transaction time. On the LuLu website
at checkout, shoppers can select PayBy as a payment method, scan the QR code on the screen with their smartphone to process the payment, then enter the password, TouchID or Face ID. On the LuLu Shopping app, they are redirected to authorize the transaction through a password. PayBy thereby eliminates the need to save or type in credit card details, wait for a one-time password (OTP) and then the verification code.

Cost-effective and easily integrated into existing checkout systems with minimal downtime, PayBy supports retailers looking to grow revenue through contactless payments without capital-intensive infrastructure upgrades.

The PoS solutions can be installed without any setup or monthly fees, and with lower transaction fees than existing solutions. The transactions on PayBy is also protected.

Integrated in popular instant messaging platforms such as BOTIM and ToTok, PayBy is already ubiquitous and accessible to its large subscriber base. The PayBy native app is currently available in Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery.