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Free Fire serves up Sushi menace elite pass

Garena has released its latest Elite Pass (EP) – Sushi Menace, giving Free Fire gamers in the MENA region an opportunity to test themselves and earn attractive rewards. The latest Elite Pass focuses on the story of warring mafia factions, a formidable common enemy and a sushi restaurant.

Survivors can earn a number of sushi-themed rewards including the Sashimi Slasher and Ramen Slayer skin sets.

The Sushi Menace Elite Pass features Taku and Shiori who are the owners and head chefs of the House of Knives, a restaurant in which two previously-warring mafia factions have agreed to meet at a neutral venue for an important dinner meeting.

The narrative in the EP shows both factions having an ongoing truce over the past year to stop fighting each other having decided to turn their focus on their common enemy. The outcome of this dinner could end in either a continued partnership or a return to battle.

The storyline has Taku and Shiori as best friends who complement one another quite well with both characters being martial art experts and masters with their blades and guns. Taku enjoys wielding large weapons like katanas and rifles with Shiori preferring smaller weapons, like knives and pistols.

Working at a sushi restaurant, they both are able to practise their martial arts while they slice, prepare, and serve delicious meals to their patrons by day. At night, they become the bounty hunters known as Sushi Menace.

Survivors can earn several sushi-themed rewards throughout the game including the Sashimi Slasher Bundle male skin set, the Ramen Slayer Bundle female skin set, the Sashimi Boat Backpack skin, the Salmon Surfer skin and the Sushi Menace grenade skin.

Some of the rewards will feature special effects, such as the two skin sets displaying a stylish ink koi swimming and the Sashimi Boat Backpack having cold air surrounding it.

Gamers can access Sushi Menace by downloading Free Fire on Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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