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ViewSonic introduces new wireless presentation display solution

ViewSonic introduces its latest wireless presentation display (WPD) solution, which comprises of the 4K slim bezel commercial display CDE20 series. To enhance sharing, collaboration, and management, the CDE20 series comes with rich software tools, including myViewBoard Display, ViewBoard Cast, and myViewBoard Manager.

The total solution allows all participants to share information easily and swiftly, bolstering collaborative endeavors and enabling administrators to manage devices more efficiently. It pushes the bring your own device (BYOD) user experience to the next level and transforms the digital workspace.

“As the trend of BYOD and connected devices continues to grow, businesses are seeking high-quality solutions to meet BYOD demand and create efficient collaborative digital workspaces,” said Monica Sun, Director of the Large Format Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “With our latest WPD solution, all participants’ devices can share and present content with ease—fulfilling different meeting scenarios. We provide an intuitive wireless presentation solution for groups using laptops, phones, and tablets. Furthermore, the solution supports remote configuration and content management.”

ViewSonic CDE20 series: powerful and dynamic WPD
The ViewSonic CDE20 series features 4K resolution and a narrow frame design, delivering a sharp, clear, and broad viewing experience without overwhelming modern office interior design. The CDE20 series displays come in different sizes: 43”, 55”, 65″, 75″, and 86″. They can be integrated into most AV systems, including Crestron, Extron, and AMX, enabling fast system deployment and easy system management.

The ViewSonic CDE20 series comes with built-in media player software and can be equipped with an Intel Unite Certified Slot-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) PC to transform into a dynamic content hub. It also supports remote configuration and content management systems, while WiFi modules offer smooth wireless content transmission (Slot-in OPS and WiFi module are only available for 65”/75”/86″).

myViewBoard Display: dongle-free wireless presentation
Flexible working and telework have become the new normal. Through myViewBoard Display, even a first-time user can share content from his or her device wirelessly without the need for dongles or downloading any app. By using myViewBoard Display, meeting participants can mirror their desktop to their WPD by just using a browser and synching to the display’s ID and one-time password. Sharing thereby becomes easy and efficient in a BYOD environment.

ViewBoard Cast: greater efficiency in group collaboration
ViewBoard Cast provides complete sharing and collaboration functions to satisfy different scenarios, e.g., broadcasting to synchronize content or split-screen to consolidate results. ViewBoard Cast makes presentations, meetings, and workshops more interactive and collaborative to unleash the power of BYOD.

myViewBoard Manager: secure remote management for devices and content
myViewBoard Manager is a powerful tool that allows for efficient remote management of multiple displays in the same or in different offices. With Manager, IT administrators can power on/off, restart, and adjust the volume of their ViewSonic devices, including the new CDE20 WPD. Administrators now have the ability to control devices remotely and even display content and emergency broadcasts, all from a single dashboard. An added value to the WPD solution is that these can be grouped and remotely updated, making it even easier to install software on several groups of devices simultaneously.

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