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Region’s first online adventure tourism platform, Mughamer.com launched

The newly launched Sharjah-incubated startup, Mughamer.com launched first-of-its-kind website in the Middle East that helps tourists and thrill seekers around the world curate best adventure activities when they plan their holidays.

Co-founded by Mohamed Al Musharrkh, and Sarmad Al Zadjaly, the project is supported by the Sharjah Entrpereneurship Centre (Sheraa) and the Sharjah Angel Investors Network – a Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) initiative.

Mughamer.com is designed as a comprehensive platform to aid travel enthusiasts plan their trips by exploring adventure activities at their chosen destinations at an affordable price. In the first phase, the website will offer visitors the opportunity to explore virtually and select activities of their choice across destinations in the UAE, Morocco, Brazil and Comoros Island. Gradually, more destinations will be included.

The feature-packed website offers access to a range of amazing adventures and experiences, including safaris, mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, desert driving and camping trips through participating agents and destinations. The next phase of the project will include unique activities such as exploring dormant volcanoes deep sea diving, aerial adventures, and much more.

The website offers its services in five languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, French and Spanish. It features a navigation bar that ensures travellers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for; a search tool that allows for easy trip planning; and an online booking process that will have them ready for adventure in minutes. It also allows the luxury of free cancellations of bookings at any point.

Sarmad Al Zadjaly, Co-founder and CEO of Mughamer.com said “Mughamer.com responds directly to the rapid growth of the adventure tourism industry as a result of the continued development of the global travel & tourism sector and the need to invest in new solutions that help connect tourists with the most unique adventure experiences all over the world.”

He continued: “Our startup was born out of the disruptions which resulted from the pandemic last year, also affecting the tourism industry and shifting its focus on new experiences. Today Mughamer.com has become one of the most successful investment prospects by several angel investors thanks to the niche market and segment it serves, and we are confident that our business and brand value will continue to increase, open new opportunities for growth and expansion, in-line with the profitable forecast on adventure tourism’s growth worldwide.”

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