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BenQ Introduces New Conferencing Solutions That Are Effective For Productive Hybrid Meetings

As we move towards workspaces that are a combination of in-person and virtual, online, or cloud participation, BenQ has designed come solutions that are incredibly effective for the hybrid meeting environment. These include video conferencing displays for offices, eye-care monitors for home users, wireless projection and presentation display solutions, meeting room signage, and a video conferencing camera. Hybrid meetings have come as a resolve that allows people to overcome the impediments imposed by travel bans, lockdowns, quarantines, and the various restrictions implemented by governments worldwide during this pandemic.

Hybrid meetings have created ways for collaboration between individuals and teams located in disparate parts of the world to become doable and practical. BenQ displays for corporate environments have been designed to enable team collaborations and creativity to help companies overcome time and location restrictions to ensure work. BenQ offers easy-to-use solutions like cloud whiteboarding, wireless sharing, and high-quality video conferencing that fuse hardware and software seamlessly to enhance hybrid working.

BenQ’s Zoom-certified, germ-resistant, video conferencing DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panels consolidate multiple office technology to enhance collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Hybrid meetings rely on active participation, interactivity, and collaboration, and BenQ’s display solutions prove very helpful in boosting productivity even in the largest of organizations. BenQ’s Wireless Smart Projector for portable video conferencing is ideal for hybrid working with remote teams. It serves as a central and versatile display system that works seamlessly with high-speed internet, video conferencing apps, and cloud services to bring remote meetings to life.

Hybrid meetings are becoming a smart way to save on the costs of regular meetings for companies as they don’t need to keep meeting rooms or complex presentation systems up and running, and a lot of time is saved for the IT department that would have been spent in setting things up. BenQ has come up with an efficient presentation display solution, the BenQ Smart Signage, which features a smart, seamless, and simple interface that makes hosting a quick meeting hassle-free. It has been designed to facilitate presentations, video conferencing and communication at every step of the process, from brainstorming to crucial decision making.

BenQ has also recently unveiled a professional webcam, the DVY22, with digital zoom to facilitate video conferencing with remote teams. This video conference camera can bring meetings to life with its AI-powered auto framing, 4K UHD video, and omnidirectional microphones to deliver the ultimate video conferencing experience. BenQ’s Eye-Care Monitors make for safe and simplified working experiences with their flick-free, low blue light, and brightness intelligence features for those working from home. They help boost productivity for those working from home as they feature ergonomic designs and reduce eye-strain to allow people to work just as effectively and productively as in the office.

Hybrid meetings are beginning to offer a range of benefits that organizations and employees are now starting to see. They allow corporates to increase their talent pool as allowing a part of the workforce to work remotely eases up the location-based factors for organizations to extend opportunities to qualified candidates irrespective of their geographical location. Remote working may also improve employee retention, as flexibility plays a significant role in employee satisfaction. The freedom to work from the comfort of their own spaces has resulted in many being satisfied with their working conditions. Moreover, this is helping save a lot of travel expenses for organizations and employees alike. BenQ’s newest solutions empower organizations with better meeting rooms and facilities with their highly interactive, germ-resistant solutions as well as employees working from home with their eye-care focussed offerings.

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