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Xiaomi announces its first foldable smartphone called the Mi MIX FOLD

Xiaomi officially launched its first foldable smartphone, Mi MIX FOLD, at the Spring 2021 New Product Launch that previously saw the announcement of Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra. Equipped with a large 8.01” WQHD+ resolution flexible internal display and a 6.52” external display, this innovative new device touts the largest foldable display on any smartphone to date. The device boasts even more firsts, debuting Xiaomi’s own Surge C1 Image Signal Processor optimized for professional photography, and sporting the first Liquid Lens seen in a smartphone.


Mi MIX FOLD offers a premium experience with a quad-speaker setup, a 5,020mAh battery, and 67W turbocharging support. It is also yet another major milestone for Xiaomi, introducing a number of technological breakthroughs with a laser focus on consumer experience.


As Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone, Mi MIX FOLD adopts a U-shaped hinge design, which has greatly improved weight and reliability. The weight is reduced by up to 27% compared to other foldable. The device underwent 200,000 bends in reliability testing and up to 1 million bends in extreme reliability testing.

Equipped with a flexible 8.01” WQHD+ resolution OLED display, Mi MIX Fold offers an ultra-large 4:3 aspect ratio, making it not only the largest foldable smartphone display currently on the market, but also putting it above some tablets in size. Offering the unique charm of a foldable smartphone with its tablet-sized display in a small and compact package, Mi MIX FOLD provides an unrivaled experience for both work and play.

Mi MIX Fold inherits the outstanding display quality of Xiaomi’s flagship smartphones, which begins with excellent color performance. The device’s 1 billion color display has been meticulously tuned by Xiaomi’s own color calibration algorithm, enabling it to achieve an impressive color accuracy of JNCD≈0.29 and ΔE≈0.35. Reaching 900 nits peak brightness and 600 nits overall brightness, the display provides comfortable viewing in various settings, while the 4,300,000:1 color contrast ratio, Dolby Vision®, and HDR10+ support and DCI-P3 color gamut combine to create highly dynamic and life-like images in vivid color.

In addition to the internal display, Mi MIX FOLD sports a 6.52” external AMOLED display, also the biggest on any foldable smartphone yet. With a 90Hz refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate and HD+ resolution, this display offers a quick and smooth user experience with great sharpness and detail. The display reaches a 27:9 aspect ratio and boasts top color accuracy of JNCD≈0.55 and ΔE≈0.52. Finally, with 900 nits peak brightness, 700 nits overall brightness, and HDR10+ support, the display offers excellent viewing angles, depth and color contrast.

Powered by Xiaomi’s own AI algorithm, Mi MIX FOLD’s external and internal displays can generate images and videos in super-resolution and are even capable of doubling the resolution of pictures from 720p to 1440p. For video, the AI algorithm triples the resolution, enhancing the quality from 480p to 1440p.


Having received widespread acclaim for its dual speakers on previous devices, Xiaomi further elevated the sound system on Mi MIX FOLD by creating the first-ever smartphone quad speakers setup. The symmetrically designed dual 1216 speakers are positioned on either side of the screen and boast a large 0.65mm amplitude and 1.34cc-equivalent sound cavity. The speaker’s innate properties are strengthened by 15V Smart PA which drives the sound level up to 40% louder than that of Mi 10 Pro. Mi MIX FOLD inherits the legacy of the Mi 11 series with professional-grade tuning through SOUND BY Harman Kardon.

Mi MIX FOLD is the industry’s first smartphone to adopt true panoramic surround sound. Using Xiaomi’s own quad-speaker array algorithm, the device can realize 3D spatial audio field playback, which builds an additional sound dimension on top of the foundational dual speakers, creating a true 3D spatial audio listening experience.


Powered by Dolby Vision and a quad-speaker 3D panoramic sound system, Mi MIX FOLD is an absolute beast for viewing content, offering an immersive viewing experience with vivid colors, full-bodied sound quality and a super large display surface. The device also supports multi-window, allowing you to watch up to four videos in different windows on the display at the same time.

Mi MIX FOLD also offers a completely unrivaled gaming experience on a mobile device. At 8.01” in size, the device has more vertical space giving a much wider field of view than traditional smartphones. The bigger the screen, the better the work! Mi MIX FOLD’s super large display is the ultimate productivity booster for busy people on the go, supporting a wide range of highly practical work tools such as split-screen, multi-screen drag and drop, parallel windows, Desktop mode, AI meeting assistant, and many more.


Mi MIX FOLD debuts the Surge C1 processor – a professional image processing chip developed by Xiaomi. The product of two years of development and RMB 140 million in R&D investment, this chip provides exceptionally high performance while occupying low CPU and storage space. This enables it to service an improved 3A algorithm and low-light focus capabilities for more accurate autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance, significantly improving image quality.

Mi MIX FOLD is also the world’s first smartphone with Liquid Lens technology, opening the era of bionic photography. The liquid lens uses the principle of human eye bionics, forming a lens-like structure with a transparent fluid wrapped in film, very different from traditional optical lenses. The radius of curvature of the spherical surface can be accurately changed thanks to a high-precision motor based on Xiaomi’s self-developed technology, which allows for 3X optical zoom, up to 30X telephoto, and a minimum focus distance of 3cm. One lens virtually covers the functions of two lenses. You can shoot micro-details up close, and gaze at magnificent rivers and mountains from a distance. The Liquid Lens also offers high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and excellent resistance to extreme environments. It can maintain the fluid form in an environment from a low of -40°C to a high of 60°C, ensuring stable, long-lasting, and high-quality optics.

In addition, Mi MIX FOLD is also equipped with a 108MP pixel main camera and a 13MP ultra-wide angle camera with an impressive 123° field of view. The 108MP pixel main camera is equipped with a 7P lens, which can directly output 108MP pixel high-definition photos. The 123° ultra-wide angle camera supports smart switching, allowing an astounding field-of-view when shooting buildings and scenery. At the same time, AI ultra-wide-angle distortion correction is used to effectively improve the edge distortion of the picture. Not only can it eliminate the edge distortion of landscapes, it can also correct distortion on faces in ultra-wide group photos.

5,020mAh folding screen largest battery, 100% charged in 37 minutes

Mi MIX FOLD has a built-in 5,020mAh battery, offering the largest battery capacity among most foldable currently on the market. It uses Xiaomi’s patented new dual-battery parallel architecture, which consists of two batteries with a capacity of 2,460mAh and 2,560mAh. The special structure in parallel allows for incredible 10A current output providing powerful thrust for the smartphone’s four speakers.

On top of that, Mi MIX FOLD also supports 67W fast charging. Through the custom-made three IC chipsets and the parallel combination of two super-efficient charge pumps, a conversion rate of up to 97.5% can be achieved, allowing the phone to fully charge in 37 minutes. Also introduced on the Mi MIX FOLD is CNT battery technology, which promotes safer and quicker charging while prolonging the battery’s lifespan.

Revolutionary Butterfly cooling system and flagship performance without hiccups

Mi MIX FOLD is equipped with the latest generation flagship mobile processing platform Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888. The most advanced 5nm process improves mobile platform’s CPU, GPU, and AI performance while lowering power consumption. Brand new 3,200MHz LPDDR5 storage, combined with UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory, further supplement Snapdragon 888’s flagship performance.

In order to efficiently use the area of ​​its folding body, Mi MIX FOLD adopts a butterfly-type cooling system, which integrates large-area VC liquid cooling, thermal gel, multilayer graphite sheets and other heat dissipation methods.The total heat dissipation area is as high as 22,583.7mm², which evenly distributes excessive heat and cools down the entire device, greatly improving the heat dissipation capacity during high-load computing operations, fast charging, and 5G high-speed downloads. Efficient heat dissipation allows Mi MIX FOLD to perform consistently and without hiccups.

Mi MIX FOLD is offered in a Standard and Ceramic Special Edition. The standard version uses the fifth-generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass back cover with ceramic texture. The ceramic edition features a gold middle frame and volume buttons, as well as a black ceramic back with special laser engraving.

The smartphone will be priced at RMB 9,999 (Approx. 5600 AED) or 12GB+256GB, RMB 10,999 (Approx. 6157 AED) for 12GB+512GB and RMB 12,999 (Approx. 7300 AED) for the 16GB+512GB version.

Mi MIX FOLD quick specs:

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