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Hisense aims to transform the big screen experience with the L5 Laser TV

Evan Wang, the Head of TV Department at Hisense Middle East, speaks to Review Central about the all-new L5 Laser TV. He explains the key features that set the L5 Laser TV apart from other consumer-based display solutions, how it impacts our viewing experience, and the customizations that allow consumers to personalise the product.

Evan Wang, the Head of TV Department, Hisense Middle East

Could you tell us more about the special features of the Hisense L5 Laser TV and how is it different from a standard LCD television?
The L5 Laser TV from Hisense is an absolute showstopper, thoughtfully designed for an immersive cinematic viewing experience at home, that keeps one enthralled by its fascinating features:

Immersive large screen experience with 4K resolution and rich colours make your living room feel like a cinema hall: With the 100-inch super large screen and pure laser light 4K resolution, the Laser TV delivers life-like picture projection that has rich and vibrant colours similar to what we experience at a cinema hall. Users do not have to worry about the interference of an ambient light anymore as the Laser TV comes with ambient light rejecting (ALR) technology, making it a perfect choice for your living room.

Eye friendly makes your life healthy: As looking directly at the sun can cause damage to your eyes, in a similar manner, looking at your LED TV screen for a prolonged period of time can have the same effect, if not worse. LED TV screens emit a light that can cause damage to one’s eyes over a long stretch of screentime.

The L5 series Laser TV is also endorsed by the prestigious TÜV Rheinland certification of low blue light emissions: This is one of the most important features of Laser TV which is especially important if you have kids in the house who love their TV time or even adults who love to binge-watch OTT content. Laser TV makes it safe for long hours of TV viewing. Also, when it comes to immersive viewing, feature of ‘eye friendly’ is crucial because without the product being eye-friendly, you cannot enjoy a super large screen from a short distance.

With SMART TV and VIDAA OS: You can find your favourite content more easily, making your family time a fun time. Apart from a whole new immersive 4K TV viewing experience, the 100L5 Laser TV is equipped with a smart system ‘VIDAA’ that showcases comprehensive content through key OTT platforms including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, VIP Shahid, OSN, and other more popular video apps, making it a total entertainment hub at home.

We provide the solutions for beautiful home interior design: Along with entertainment solutions, Hisense creates distinctive imagery of Laser TV through its modern sleek and lush designs. This model is designed to suit every home interior, the customizable golden frame converts the TV into a piece of art on the wall wherein customers can choose a picture of their liking for the canvas. The Hisense L5 Laser TV is also supported with a customizable smart cabinet that keeps the console hidden unless you are watching TV. Moreover, the 100-inch Laser TV is light weighted, just 25kgs, as opposed to 100-inch LED TV’s that usually weigh anywhere between 100-120kgs.

In short, Laser TV is an all-in-one solution that will captivate an entire family. The differences between the new Hisense L5 Laser TV and a laser projector

What screen sizes are available for the L5 Series Laser TV?
The Hisense L5 Series Laser TV is only available on a 100-inch screen. However, in the Laser TV category, we have a variation of screen sizes – 88”, 100”,120”, and 150”.

Will the L5 Laser TV be suitable for big-screen console and PC gaming?
The Hisense L5 Laser TV is definitely suitable for gaming as it comes equipped with its own dedicated gaming mode that helps reduce latency. The true HDR image and inbuilt Dolby sound support create a wholesome experience with enhanced picture quality as well as amplified sound which is perfect to play any of the trending games at home.

The L5 Series Laser TV runs on the VIDAA Smart TV OS and is preloaded with popular video-streaming apps. Will Hisense bring more software and app updates in the long run?
Our customers are always our number one priority and as such, we are always trying to provide the best there is in the latest software, innovations and developments. We tailor our products and come up with solutions that work for our customers and as such we will definitely be at the forefront when it comes to bringing more software and app updates in the long run.

Apart from extensive global content, VIDAA OS is also tailored as per the region to provide local content. For instance, in the Middle East region, VIDAA OS supports local streaming like OSN, Shahid, Anghami, etc.
Is the L5 Series Laser TV suitable for office environments and presentations?
Yes, the L5 Series Laser TV’s functionality enables a smooth interface as well as connectivity. One can easily cast their screen as well as connect their system to the TV which will display perfect picture quality on a large screen, making it suitable for office environments. Additionally, there is also an option for the entire console to be fixed to the ceiling, to give enough space in the office room. We have had a lot of success when it comes to office usage.

Is the L5 Series Laser TV suitable to be placed in restaurants or places with a large gathering?
Yes, most certainly. For eg: Recently for the Euro Cup 2020, Hisense’s Laser TVs were set up at a select few locations to share the immersive experience with the football-loving residents of the UAE. The crowd loved the picture and sound quality while watching their favourite teams battling it out on the field.

We have been told that Hisense will provide a supporting frame and cabinet for users in UAE if requested. Could you tell us more about that?
This customization is the most endearing add-on for customers in the Middle East region. Most of the customers require not just smart but modern TV that fits right with the home interiors. In order to provide the best possible solutions, we gave customers an option to customize their TV screen with a supporting frame that can have a picture of their choice. Not only is the frame customizable, but we also have a smart cabinet available in two colours (chestnut and white) for customers selection.

The tailored feature is perfect for customers as it hides their black TV screen behind a beautiful wall frame with images of their choice. It is only when you switch on the TV, the picture rolls up and the console comes out of the cabinet, ready for customers to enjoy the viewing on a 100-inch screen.

Will customers be able to choose an image for the sheet that covers the ALR screen?
Yes, Hisense provides customers with a range of images to select from as per their preferred colour, design, wallpaper, etc. This sheet is then utilized to cover the ALR screen.

What kind of customers does Hisense aim to sell the L5 Laser TV?
Hisense is a brand for every customer who is looking at good-quality and long-lasting products with innovative designs and technology. The brand has earned tremendous goodwill and loyalty from its customers in recent years, making us one of the most trusted brands in the consumer electronics industry.

With the cabinet and frame, how long is the duration of the warranty provided by Hisense?
The warranty provided, inclusive of everything, is 24 months.

Could you tell us where will users be able to see a demo of the L5 Laser TV in the UAE?
Customers can explore the TV and engage in a demo at our retail stores like Jumbo (MOE), Better life (MOE), Emax (MCC), Sharaf DG (Times Square), in Dubai and Carrefour (Al Saqr), Emax (Yas Mall & Dalma), Sharaf DG (AUH Mall) in Abu Dhabi and also in other emirates like Lulu Kuwait, Carrefour (Ajman City Centre), Lulu Khalidiya and Lulu Fujairah or they can just call us at +971 52 143 0326 to fix a viewing at our Customer Care Centre.

Which retail and online stores offer L5 Series Laser TV for purchase now in the UAE?
The L5 Series Laser TV is available at all major electronic retail stores such as Lulu, Sharaf DG, EMAX, Carrefour and Jumbo as well as eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Noon and Hisense eshop.

Is the Hisense L5 Series Laser TV available in other GCC countries?
Yes, the Hisense L5 Series Laser TV is available in GCC countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar as well as in the Levant area – Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

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