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Thermaltake launches new high-end TOUGHRAM XG RGB series

Thermaltake, recently announced the launch of TOUGHRAM XG RGB – White DDR4 Memory, a new edition of the high-end TOUGHRAM XG RGB series. The new white series comes with frequencies up to 3600 MHz, 4000 MHz, 4400 MHz and 4600 MHz and capacities up to 16GB (8GB x2), 32GB (16GB x2) and 64GB (32GB x2), giving users a wide range of selections.

Now users can match up the same white-colored chassis and cooling components to create their own style and to form the ideal PC build, especially for those who are seeking an all-white theme, the White TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4 series can help you to achieve a more comprehensive all-white setup.

Being compatible with the latest AMD and Intel motherboards, the White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series has been through rigorous tests to select tightly-screened ICs, designed with a ten-layer PCB, constructed with 10μ gold fingers and 2oz copper inner layers to ensure high and stable performance.

The White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series also carries an exclusive style from its appearance thanks to its special design, there are 2 different colors, detailing an aluminum trim with a chrome stripe in the middle which makes the TOUGHRAM XG RGB series stand out from your everyday RAM modules.

Featuring 16 high-lumen addressable LEDs, the White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series is equipped with a unique X-shape light bar that can control 8 lighting zones. This aims at delivering a more vivid and customized lighting experience, and it’s supported by TT RGB PLUS and NeonMaker Light Editing Software, at the same time it can be synchronized with other compatible software such as TT AI Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, and motherboard RGB software, to let users create their very own lighting show.
Features of TOUGHRAM XG RGB Series DDR4 Memory Kits in White:

  • Built for High Performance
    Featuring tightly-screened ICs and a unique X-shaped light bar design, the TOUGHRAM XG RGB memory is built for high-stable gaming performance that brings splendid lighting to RGB enthusiasts.
  • Tightly-Screened ICs
    Memory chips are thoroughly-screened to provide optimal frequency and response time performance.
  • 2oz Copper PCB
    Specially optimized 10-layer PCB with 2oz copper inner layer provides enhanced electrical conduction to deliver uncompromised speed and reliability for maximum overclocking performance.
  • High Quality Gold Fingers
    Use of 10μ gold fingers for enhanced durability and high wear resistance.
  • Aluminum Heat Spreader
    Use of aluminum heat spreader delivers exceptional heat dissipation to meet high-performance needs.
  • Sleek and Sophisticated Design
    Designed with 2 different colors of aluminum and trimmed with a chrome stripe in the middle, the TOUGHRAM XG RGB provides a fresher look and is in its class of its own.
  • Geometric Styling with 16 LEDs
    Comprised of 16 high-lumen addressable LEDs, the TOUGHRAM XG shines through with its unique X-shaped light bar that can control 8 lighting zones, delivering a more comprehensive and dynamic lighting experience.
  • Supported by the New Integrated TT RGB Plus
    The new TT RGB Plus Software integrates the TOUGHRAM Software supporting all configurations including real-time temperature, frequency and performance monitoring. Sync with TT RGB PLUS enabled products to maximize your RGB colors effortlessly all at once.

Availability, Warranty, Compatibility, and Pricing
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4 White series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the RAMs, and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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