Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner behind Lamborghini’s NFT project

Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner behind Lamborghini’s NFT project

Automobili Lamborghini announced first NFT (non-fungible token) project in the company’s history and the artist behind the five pairs of a physical and a digital piece of art is renowned Swiss artist Fabian Oefner.

The physical artwork, the Lamborghini Space Key, celebrates the innovation spirit of the Italian super sports car manufacturer, while the digital piece of art has yet to be unveiled.

Oefner explains his two creations “What I was interested in by creating this project is the intersection between the digital and the physical world. This fascination can be seen in two facets of the project: The car and its components, something physical and real gets transformed into something digital, a photograph of a moment in time, that never existed. And the carbon fibre piece, something physical and tangible, that serves as a key to access the digital experience of the art piece. In both cases, there is a metamorphosis from the physical to the digital world.”

The physical element of the project is the Space Key, five thumbnail-sized pieces of carbon fibre that have spent seven months in outer space on board the ISS as part of a research project of Lamborghini. After returning to earth and after numerous scientific tests, Oefner engraved the carbon fibre pieces with a unique QR code linking the digital component. Each NFT is inscribed with the title and is individually numbered. By scanning the code on the carbon fibre accessing the NFT, the physical and digital world come together.