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HONOR unveils its first 5G foldable smartphone

HONOR debuted the much-awaited HONOR Magic V, its latest innovation and first 5G foldable flagship smartphone. As expected, HONOR is pushing boundaries and raising the standards with its new foldable that hosts a suite of incredibly powerful, outstanding features and cutting-edge technologies combined with an aesthetic symmetrical slim design that make HONOR Magic V stand out from the rest.

Ultimate design aesthetics and slim body for the best-in-class experience
Overall, HONOR has focused a lot on the way the foldable should look, HONOR Magic V body features orderly curves around the edges, creating a sense of fluidity which achieves a slimmer outlook as well as a smooth and rounded grip to guarantee easier and more comfort grasp. The HONOR Magic V foldable phone measures 14.3mm in thickness when folded and 6.7mm when unfolded, weighing just 288g making it the thinnest in fold smartphone compared to similar products available in the market.

When folded, there is zero gap between the left and right screens of the HONOR Magic V, creating a seamless look when closed. The seamless design not only provides a more comfortable and slimmer grip, but also minimizes scratches caused by dust accumulated on the internal screen.

Since the hinge is a critical feature for any foldable phone. The design and placement of the hinge can have a significant impact on the phone’s overall look and display design. HONOR developed the Floating Waterdrop Hinge technology, integrating a perfect hinge and foldable design to offer a symmetrical, thin, and seamless form factor, the hinge design allows the phone to be closed seamlessly.

A more interesting part of the design is the expansive display.  The HONOR Magic V features a 6.45-inch 44° curved OLED display when folded, achieving a wider 21.3:9 aspect ratio and this makes the device exceptionally user-friendly and functional, as the screen functions like a traditional smartphone, rather than appearing long and narrow. The HONOR Magic V unfolds to an extra-wide 7.9-inch creaseless display, delivering a more immersive tablet-like experience which is ideal for viewing content, multi-tasking and increasing productivity while working.

Another major step for this foldable is that HONOR Magic V body incorporates premium aerospace-grade materials to ensure greater precision, more strength and durability while also providing a lighter weight for the hinge mechanism, including zirconium-based liquid metal, which is three times tougher than stainless steel. The premium aerospace-grade materials help the device to be lighter and create more balance resulting in a phone with an excellent center of gravity.

The premium design of the camera hasn’t been forgotten; the HONOR Magic V features the same Tri-ring camera design that appears across its other premium smartphone lines. This premium design language evokes a sense of symmetry and harmony.

HONOR Magic V stunningly crafted and comes in a variety of astonishing tones include Space Silver, Bright Orange and Gloss Black for a bold look.

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