Apple reportedly plans to update the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M2 chipset

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While Apple had recently announced its latest products such as the powerful Mac Studio, the new Apple iPad Air, and the iPhone SE, the word is that the company plans on releasing new versions of its MacBook lineup with its M2 chipset.

The report comes from the guys at 9to5Macstating that the upcoming MacBook Air, codename J413, is expected to be launched in a single version and equipped with the M2 SoC. The chipset also has its own internal codename called Staten and will be designed on the basis of A15 cores. While the M2 will reportedly feature 8 computing cores as the current M1 chip, it’s expected that the new SoC will feature a 10-core GPU.

And as for the upcoming MacBook Pro, codenamed J493, the new model will also feature the M2 chipset for the 13-inch variant. There are also indications that Apple plans to drop the “Pro” branding of the MacBook lineup and simply call it the MacBook.

There is no word yet on when these new M2-powered machines will hit the shelves but expect it anytime later this year.