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MINISFORUM announces the EliteMini B550 mini PC with Ryzen 7 5700G APU and support for external graphics dock

MINISFORUM, the brand that is known for its mini PCs, has announced that their latest EliteMini B550 mini PC is now ready for preorders.

The EliteMini B550 features the 65-watt Ryzen 7 5700G APU that delivers the performance of full-fledged Zen 3 parts and also comes with integrated Vega graphics. The inclusion of an AM4 socket means that you will be able to easily upgrade to newer processors, but only the ones that have a TDP up to 65W.

And for those who want more graphics horsepower, users will be able to use a desktop-class GPU, thanks to the graphics dock. While the dock is included in the package, users will have to purchase a PSU and the GPU separately. The B550 is also capable of operating as a standalone device sans the expansion dock.

The B550 also features ports such as two HDMI, one DisplayPort, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, four USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, one 3.5mm mic input, one 3.5mm line out, and one RJ45 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port. The device also has two SODIMM slots with support for up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, two M.2 slots, and also space for a 2.5-inch SATA drive, along with support for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity.

The new mini PC also comes with a bag that easily lets users carry the device without any hassles.

The new B550 is now up for preorders and comes with early discounts. The company sells the device in barebone configurations, 16GB RAM +256GB SSD, 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD, and 32GB RAM + 512GB SSD setups. MINISFORUM also gives the option to choose a lower processor, such as the older Ryzen 7 4700G APU.


MINISFORUM Announce B550 Mini PC

After the first glance in last year, MinisForum finally launches the pre sale campaign for its B550 mini PC today. One of the most powerful mini PC they ever made.

The B550 mini PC will be using the AMD B550 chipset. MinisForum will sell it with two different CPU options including 4700G(base clock 3.6GHz, boost clock 4.4GHz) and 5700G(base clock 3.8GHz, boost 4.6GHz). Customers can replace the CPU with their own one if they want. It supports AM4 socket Ryzen 4000/5000 series CPUs with TDP lower or equal to 65W (so it doesn’t support 5950X/5900X/5800X ). The motherboard supports up to 64Gb of RAM and it has two M.2 2280 SSD slots. Depending on which CPU that you use, the B550 can support PCIe4.0. It has AMD RZ608 so it supports BT5.2 and Wifi 6.

Since some of the CPUs supported doesn’t have an integrated GPU, the computer has to work with discrete GPU. So the computer package will come with an expansion dock which can be easily connected with the computer and discrete GPU. Please be noted that the package doesn’t include the discrete GPU nor the PSU to power the discrete GPU.

Just 20.859cm x 24.088cm x 12.813cm with 1155g in weight, the B550 mini PC has lots of interfaces including 2xHDMI ports, 1xDisplay port, 4xUSB3.2 ports, 1xUSB-C port, 1xRJ45 2.5Gb Ethernet port, 1x line out and 1x mic. The package will also comes with a small suitcase which is perfectly fit for the computer to protect it when you carry it around.

Package content:

  1. B550 mini PC
  2. Power adapter and power cable
  3. HDMI cable
  4. Expansion dock
  5. Manual
  6. SATA cable
  7. VESA mount
  8. Suitcase

B550 product page:  https://store.minisforum.com/products/minisforum-elitemini-b550

Price and configuration after pre-sale discount:

With 5700G:
Barebone – $599.00
16Gb of RAM + 256Gb of Storage – $699.00
16Gb of RAM + 512Gb of Storage – $729.00
32Gb of RAM + 512Gb of Storage – $809.00
With 4700G:
Barebone – $499.00
16Gb of RAM + 256Gb of Storage – $619.00
16Gb of RAM + 512Gb of Storage – $639.00
32Gb of RAM + 512Gb of Storage – $719.00

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