BenQ bags No.1 position for Interactive Flat Panels In UAE for Q1 2022

Interactive Displays Interactive Screens Press Release

A global pioneer in display solutions, BenQ has achieved the leadership position in the IFP segment in the UAE after achieving a 35% SoM in the IFP segment for the period of Q1 2022. BenQ is proud to announce that they have been crowned the No.1 Interactive Flat Panel Brand in the UAE, a feat that they achieved for the period of Q1’21 and Q1’20 as well. BenQ has grown its market share from 32.90% SoM for the corresponding period in 2021. This can be attributed to BenQ’s growing popularity in the education and corporate segments owing to their smart eye care interactive flat panels. The announcement was made after a report by Future-source Consulting, market specialists in visual displays for two decades confirmed that BenQ was the number 1 seller of IFPs in the country

“BenQ, through its IFPs, is committed to providing more evolved visual experiences. These collaborative technologies are an important tool in the transformation of education and business workplaces. We’re thrilled to hear that our customers have benefited from BenQ’s IFPs, which combine function with comfort to create more holistic experiences.” said Manish from BenQ Middle East.

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for businesses and schools alike. BenQ’s IFP range has strengthened its market dominance in the IFP sector due to the use of the trademark BenQ technology. BenQ has taken into account different market segments and demands when developing its IFP line. The brand’s germ-resistant screens are an effective way to prevent germs from spreading in offices and schools.

BenQ provides smart eye-care solutions like blue-light filter and flicker-free technology, which have made screen viewing for educational institutions and corporations far more strainless and comfortable on the eyes. The X-Sign, which is an in-built broadcast system, enables bottom-up communication and announcements between offices and schools. EZWrite, the cloud whiteboard solution included in the education IFPs, allows teachers to create study plans and collaborate with their pupils in a more engaging manner. BenQ’s consistent innovation in visual technology is helping people across the world work and learn more impactfully and comfortably.