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Review: eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Amazon’s eero line-up of high-speed routers is known for their fast and reliable network performance with support for Zigbee Smart Home Hub and Alexa integration. We take a look a the new eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 router single-pack system and here are our thoughts about it.

Design and Features

The eero series of routers is all about delivering an efficient wireless connection from a small form factor unit. The eero 6 features a dimension of 99.4 x 97.0 x 61.5 mm and weighs only a mere 292g.

The design of the router is very clean and seamless throughout and the entire body comes in a glossy white finish, along with the reflective eero branding on the top side. There are no air vents or any extra ports on the top, front, and sides of the device.

The top portion also has an LED indicator for the status of the device. While many users expect a router to sport multiple LAN ports, the eero 6 has only two on the rear side, along with a USB-C port for power.

The supplied USB-C charger is also in white to match the router. The USB-C port sits right in between the two auto-sensing Gigabit RJ-45 LAN ports.

Even the bottom side of the router is neatly done with the branding of eero and with an emphasis on San Francisco. While most routers come with a pin-hole to activate hard reset, the eero 6 has a dedicated button for that functionality and is located on the bottom side.

eero has also supplied a white LAN cable with the package. The quick guide card that comes with the package helps users to easily set up the router using the eero application.

Despite its small size, the eero 6 in its single-pack configuration is capable of providing network coverage up to 1500 sq. ft of area. Its basically a AX1800 based WiFi 6 (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) router with support for dual bands. The eero 6 in a single unit has support for speeds up to 500 Mbps.

We mentioned the words single-pack because eero offers this model as a single-pack for normal usage or a 3-pack to establish a mesh network for more coverage. The router also has 2×2 antennas for both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies.

I tested the router on my desktop and my Sony Xperia Pro-I using the SpeedTest and Fast by Netflix and got good speeds. Check out the results below.


Setting up the eero 6 was really easy and you will need to log in to the application using your Amazon account. Speaking of Amazon, the router offers support for Amazon Alexa and the Zigbee Smart Home Hub. The device also has support for Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 connectivity.

eero App

To keep up with the performance of the network, the eero 6 uses a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, joined with 512MB onboard RAM and 4GB of flash storage. The eero 6 is designed to connect with over 75 devices. In terms of security, the router offers WPA2-AES and WPA3-Personal transition modes, along with advanced parental controls for those who want to ensure the right content is accessed by their children.


If you’re looking for a stylish router that offers the latest WiFi technologies in a small package, then consider the eero 6 router from Amazon. The router features a compact and minimalistic design with a glossy white finish that suits those who have a similar desktop setup. There are only two auto-sensing LAN ports on the rear, along with a USB-C port for power.

The eero 6 is a WiFi 6 router that is capable of handling speeds up to 500Mbps and can connect to over 75 devices. Users will be able to set up the router easily with a few simple steps using the eero application. The router also has support for Amazon Alexa and Zigbee Smart Home Hub services for your connected devices at home. And the device can provide a network range that covers 1500 sq. ft of area.

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