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LG unveils range of new products in the UAE

LG Electronics unveiled new IT products in the UAE to fulfil consumer and business needs, LG introduced the new monitor models across the LG DualUp, LG Libero, LG UltraFine and LG UltraGear lineups, as well as the LG gram+view portable monitor, LG ProBeam laser projector and LG Diagnostic Monitors.

LG Monitors for the Ultimate Work and Entertainment Experience
Revolutionizing the way creators and developers work, LG introduced the new LG DualUp monitor (model 28MQ780) with a 16:8 form factor that combines stacked dual screens into one. With 27.6-inch SDQHD (2560×2880) Nano IPS Display, 3-side virtually borderless design and the ergo stand for more comfortable user experience, LG DualUp Monitor brings the depth of content productivity to the next level.

Giving users more freedom to customize their space, LG designed the LG Libero Monitor (model 27BQ70QC). It features the 27-inch QHD (2560×1440) IPS display that facilitates two types of installation, stand type and hanging type, which can be used effortlessly without extra settings thanks to the monitor’s automatic screen switching.

Bringing image quality to the next level, LG introduced the new LG UltraFine Display OLED Pro (model 32EP950) with 31.5-inch 4K OLED monitor for professionals. Ensuring incredibly accurate imagery, LG UltraFine OLED Pro features the pixel dimming technology that adjusts individual pixels to express the perfect contrast. With 1,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and 10-bit colour, the monitor can reproduce more than a billion colours as precisely as intended.

Delivering another level of gaming experience, the new LG UltraGear gaming monitor (model 48GQ900) features the 48-inch 4K OLED display with Anti-glare & Low Reflection. It allows gamers to enjoy brilliant picture quality and superfast speeds without the annoyance of the reflection. The monitor also features the ultraslim stand design, enabling users to easily secure a minimum viewing distance of 48 inches.

LG Portable Monitor and Projector for Increased Work Efficiency
Allowing users to double their productivity without compromising on comfort and on-the-move lifestyle, LG offers the LG gram+view portable 16-inch monitor combination (model 16MQ70). Placed next to the LG gram 16″ laptop, it provides 32:10 aspect ratio to extend the screen capabilities and give users more space to work on. The premium auto-rotate display with WQXGA high resolution offers customizable viewing options through screen segmentation, screen adjustment, and on-screen controls. With USB Type-C ports on both sides, the portable monitor allows users to create their own customized working environment wherever they want.

Designed to take business meetings to the next level, the new LG ProBeam laser projector (model BU60) is the premium-level solution for cutting-edge presentations. It provides 4K UHD picture quality with 16:9 aspect ratio, 3,840×2,160 pixel resolution and 8.3 mega pixels, delivering the best possible image for stunning presentations. Combining a compact form factor, Lens Shift & Zoom x1.6 functionality, and the 12-point warping function, the projector can be easily installed in any professional environment and configured to the exact size and location.

LG Diagnostic Monitors for Medical Innovation
Providing high-end medical solutions, LG offers the LG Diagnostic Monitors (models 21HQ513D and 31HN713D) for accurate diagnostic review. With the 21.3-inch 3MP IPS Display (21HQ513D) or the 31-inch 12MP IPS Display (31HN713D) along with the self-calibration, the monitors improve the quality and consistency of medical images. In pathology mode, the monitors reproduce the same level of detail and accuracy as seen directly under a microscope. Additionally, they feature the auto luminance sensor which automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the ambient light conditions. The monitors are compatible with various devices and their resolution can be adjusted to optimize for the connected device.

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