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motorola and National Geographic to capture Arab world

motorola has partnered with National Geographic Al Arabiya, to kick-off a 5-week competition, encouraging local content creators to take their followers on a journey, through a lens. Titled “Motorola capture Arabia”, the region-wide competition will encourage participants to capture moments using the first ever 200 Mega Pixel back camera of the newly launched moto edge 30 Ultra. Through a photo series, the partnership will showcase the works of local talent, who are curious about exploring the region, and passionate to showcase their discoveries.

Recently, Motorola ushered a new moment for the brand with the launch of global platform, Power to Empower. The platform aims to show how devices connect us like never before, and in turn, encourage the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and innovators. The brand has since pushed out product portfolios and partnerships that align with this vision.

Commenting on the partnership, Sharay Shams, Motorola General Manager, Middle East, said “In a world where our phones are at the centre of our lives, we aim to bring to life Motorola’s mission and to unleash the power the brand has at its fingertips. Through our partnership with National Geographic Al Arabiya, we are continuing to champion creators and showcasing how product benefits, such as the 200 MP world-class camera of the motorola edge 30 Ultra, allows users to create authentic content that resonates with its diverse audience.”

The competition, which will span across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Rask Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Ajman and will push content creators to explore hidden gems around the country, be it through visiting historical sites, natural wonders, or manmade landmarks. Throughout their journeys, the contests will be faced with the challenges of capturing the best shots in the following categories: Break of Dawn, Culinary Tradition, Night Lights, Hidden Gem, and Edge.

Hussain AlMoosawi, Acting Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine, said “With our footprint spanning across the GCC and wider Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, we seek to reach a diverse audience of local content creators who are curious and passionate about exploring the world around them, starting with the rich heritage that is right at their fingertips. Through our partnership with motorola, we seek to showcase the power of visual storytelling, and how photojournalism is just a snap of a picture away, using the world-renowned phone camera on the moto edge 30 ultra.”

The images captured by the content creators will be available for viewing in a virtual gallery run by Motorola and displayed in National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine. Viewers will be encouraged to vote for their favourite photographs on a weekly basis and will have the chance at winning a motorola edge 30 Ultra phone. In addition, 1 winner will also be awarded an online masterclass by professional photographer and content creator, Aziz AlUla, to unveil the capabilities of the motorola edge 30 Ultra camera.

Voters can access the virtual photo gallery in the link here.

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