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Kingston celebrates over three decades of leadership in memory and storage business


Kingston Technology is marking its 35 years of technology market dominance with a fond look back and celebration of its role in helping empower people, societies and businesses in today’s ultra-connected world.

From homes to offices to tools used to manage and transmit signals and data to satellites, Kingston’s storage solutions such as solid-state drives (SSDs) and encrypted USBs as well as high-performing memory products power some of the most important technologies that bring communities and companies closer together.

“Our high-quality storage and memory devices fuel many of the smart tools we use to live, work and play every single day. They are installed in laptops, wearable technologies, Internet of Things (IoT)-driven devices, data centers and many more. With our 35th anniversary this year, we aim to celebrate how far we have come as an organization that is committed to helping people preserve and create more treasured moments and enabling business success worldwide,” Antoine Harb, Team Leader, Middle East and North Africa at Kingston Technology said.

The celebration further showcases the company’s “Kingston Is With You” brand philosophy. This business philosophy centers around the significance of memories in people’s lives not only in terms of remembering the past but also of inspiring them to move forward and face what lies ahead with confidence.

Harb continued: “As a leader in helping save memories through our cutting-edge memory and storage products, we are everywhere. Private and public entities utilize our encrypted threat prevention solutions to help complement their cybersecurity plans, while creators turn to our USB flash drives, memory cards and high-end SSDs to aid them in their creative works and projects. We help ensure that their devices are future-proof because Kingston is with them through it all.”

With its commitment, Kingston has been a consistent world leader in memory products and technology solutions following its establishment in 1987 by John Tu and David Sun. The founding duo was renowned for designing a revolutionary new Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM) using available components.

Starting with a single product, Kingston initially aimed to address a severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips and has over the last three decades transformed into a global manufacturing and technology solutions provider, working with consumers and businesses of every size– from the DIY builder to Fortune 500 corporations.

In 2020, TrendForce named the company the number one supplier of third-party DRAM for the 18th consecutive year and the top supplier of Channel SSD for the fourth consecutive year. Since 2016, Kingston Technology has also been the leading supplier of hardware-encrypted USB drives, including its IronKey line.

A DRAMeXchange report released in 2020 showed that Kingston’s DRAM market share stood at a high 78.02 percent. In the SSD category, Trendforce disclosed that the company’s market share was at 27 percent during the same year, outpacing the second placer by a wide margin with its single-digit market share.

The company additionally reached another milestone achievement when launching its DDR5 product line last year, holding the distinction of being the first third-party supplier to receive Intel Platform Validation. The 2021 launch of its new performance and enthusiast gaming line, Kingston FURY, further strengthened its global market foothold.

Despite its international leadership with more than 35 years of expertise, Kingston remains a private company that operates more like a family than a large corporation. This is evident in its successful long-term partnerships with its employees as well as international suppliers, partners, resellers and distributors.

“The solutions we offer help facilitate everyday interactions, create solutions and move projects forward. In our daily operations, we keep in mind that the success of our stakeholders is our success, too. As such, our celebration of over three decades of achievements this year will further emphasize our outstanding relationships with individuals and corporations alike. We will never waver in our commitment to meet the evolving needs of societies worldwide through our quality products,” Harb concluded.

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