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Switch reveals all-new electric skateboard

Shred through the urban jungle in style! The all-new electric skateboard from Switch is designed for an extremely fun ride. Enhanced with powerful electric features, this longboard makes light work of the labyrinth of roads and footpaths, for quick and easy movement through the cityscape.

It isn’t just functional, it looks good too. A bold, energizing design, inspired by the very adventure of every skate sesh, tricks out the longboard.

Alternatively, you can pick designs or re-skin the board with your custom design of choice. The custom skin is complimentary with every purchase of an e-skateboard.

The board itself is constructed with 7-layers of maple and a layer of bamboo, making it sturdy and light. At only 4.5kg, it is light enough so you can carry your board, wherever you go, be it in the back of your car, or on your daily metro commute.

At the heart of the electric skateboard is a powerful 350W motor that supercharges your rides. It lets you set your own speed with 3-speed control – low/medium/high, which maxes out at 20km/h. So whether you want to coast gently, or swerve through the urban maze, Switch lets you set the tempo of your adventure.

Along with that, it has an easy reverse functionality. A single charge has a range of up to 8km, which is plenty for the last mile connectivity. All of this is made possible with the handheld wireless remote connected to the skateboard through Bluetooth. Your movement is literally in your hands.

The future of skating is electric! Cop your own Switch electric skateboard now, from our website here.

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