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Tips to buy tablet from HONOR

Tablets are some of the most versatile devices out there, and everyone might like to use it differently. For example, if you’re looking for a tablet that can be used for work and play, then you’ll want one with a large screen and fast processor. If your life is more about leisurely browsing and streaming movies, then something smaller with a slower processor might be more appropriate.

In your journey for tablet buying, it’s important to know what to look for, and to study the features of each tablet you would be considering in order to find your perfect match. We are here to give you some clues that might help; and will go through some reasons why HONOR Pad 8 would be what you need to consider as well.

Making the decision: what to look for in your tablet?
If you’re making a tablet buying decision and trying to find one that can help you collaborate on projects, or a one that’s great for watching movies, or a tablet that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to find the right fit.

You need to prepare a checklist with the following points if you need to make up your head and focus on what you need.

Here are some things to consider when choosing which tablet is right for you:

1. First and foremost: Determine your needs
Do you want something for watching videos or listening to music? Are you looking for something that can help you with schoolwork or work projects? Will this be used primarily at home or on-the-go? All of these factors will affect which tablet is right for you.

When determining your needs of having a tablet, you will be able to know which specs are perfect for you, and you will narrow down the options to ease the purchase decision.

2. What’s the size?
You’ll want to make sure that it can fit comfortably in your hands. If it’s too big or too small, then it will be cumbersome and uncomfortable to hold. The best size is usually somewhere between 7″ and 10″.

The size of the screen: If you plan on using your tablet mostly in bed or while lying on the couch, then a smaller screen size may be more appropriate. But if you want something bigger and more immersive, then go with a larger screen size.

For those who prefer the bigger screen, HONOR Pad 8 will be the right one for you, as it comes with a 12-inch 2K HONOR FullView Display.

3. Do you want to share files from and to your tablet like a pro?
The-one-of-a-kind Multi-Screen Collaboration from HONOR Pad 8 will help you share files, photos, or any other content you want between your HONOR smartphone and HONOR Pad 8 tablet. This is so helpful especially if you prefer to check your files or study on a bigger screen. It will also be of a great help if you’d like to edit your photos or videos easily and seamlessly.

4. Which weight is perfect for you?
Why do you need to think about the weight? Because tablets are made to be mobile. However, one can consider it as a burden in case they are using the transportation, or those who are always on the go. While others with their cars and fixed bureaus might find it convenient to carry their tablets back and forth.

If you belong to group one, you might like to consider an ultra-portable tablet which is easy to hold, because the weight and size might be factors that affects you purchase decision.

5. Movie lover? Give some attention for the speakers
Because most of the stuff you might be doing on your tablet is hearable, you may need to consider good speakers when you’re about to take a tablet buying decision. If you’re a gamer or a movie lover and would like to experience an immersive audio experience, it’s worthwhile to think about HONOR Pad 8, since it comes with 8 speakers and HONOR Histen, DTS: X®Ultra technology, which gives you a premium hearing experience and puts you in the mood like no other does.

6. How much storage does it have?
You might want more space than what comes standard with most tablets. That’s why you need to make sure that the device has enough memory—at least 16 GB—so that it can run everything smoothly without slowing down or crashing. You don’t want to spend all night waiting for your schoolwork or work papers to load.

If you have lots of photos or videos stored on your device, then you’ll definitely want as much storage as possible. However, if all you will use it for is web surfing and watching movies, then having less memory may not be as big of an issue.

Are you a bookworm?
HONOR Pad 8 has a privilege over other tablets with its E-book mode and the Ultra-Full Eye Protection feature. HONOR Pad 8 holds a TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light and TUV Rheinland Flicker Free Certifications. If you are a good reader and want to have a tablet for that specific purpose, don’t think twice! HONOR Pad 8 is your good to go.

7. How much do you want to spend?
If money is tight, we recommend looking at tablets with lower price tags—they tend to perform just as well as more expensive models. However, if you have extra cash to throw around and want the best possible experience with your tablet, we’d recommend going for the best one you can afford.

Most tablets fall into two categories: entry-level or premium. Entry-level tablets are typically less than AED400 ($100) and have lower resolution screens, less processing power and storage space than premium tablets which cost around AED800 ($200) or more and have screens with higher resolutions like 1080p HD resolution (or even 4K).

8. What do you need the screen for?
You also might need to look at the screen resolution. If you’re going to be watching movies or playing games, make sure the screen has high definition (HD) resolution so that images look clear and crisp.

HONOR Pad 8 comes with a 12-inch display screen with 2K resolution; it’s also boasting an 87% Screen-to-Body ratio, a 7.2mm Narrow Bezel, along with 1.07 Color Display. All these factors grant you the best viewing experience while watching movies, playing games, or even reading on your tablet.

9. Which processor will help you excel?
The processor is the brain of your tablet. It’s responsible for everything that happens on it. Its main purpose is to process all the information coming from different components and make it useful for you.

The more powerful a processor is, the better performance it will offer. However, this isn’t always true, as some manufacturers use low-quality components to cut costs. That’s why we recommend searching for devices with at least an octa-core processor (8 cores) and 4 GB of RAM or more.

It’s also important to check before your tablet buying how many cores are available for use at any given time (Maximum Frequency). This number should be higher than 1 GHz if you want an efficient device with good performance capabilities.

HONOR Pad 8 comes with its Octa-core 6nm processor (4x A73 2.4GHz + 4x A53 1.9GHz), which make it a perfect choice for those who seek a high performing tablet.

10. What about the software operating system?
The software operating system is the core of your tablet. It’s what controls how you interact with your tablet and what capabilities it has.

The most common software operating systems for tablets are Android, Windows 10, and iOS.

11. Are you into connectivity?
Most tablets come with Wi-Fi and 3G, but you may want to pay a little more and get a tablet with 4G LTE or even 5G. With so many networks around the world, you can use cellular data with your tablet if you have an appropriate plan.

If you’re planning to always be connected via Wi-Fi but have no idea whether it will work at all while traveling internationally, definitely opt for 4G LTE over 3G.

12. What kind of battery life do you need?
If you’re going to be using your tablet often, then it’s important that it lasts for more than one hour – at least – without charging. You might find some models with at least 6 hours of battery life per charge.

HONOR Pad 8 stands out with its 7500mAh large battery and 22.5W Fast Charger, which gives you long hours of uninterrupted watching, gaming, or studying. The typical hours you can spend on HONOR Pad 8 without the need to plug in the charger is estimated as 14 hours of listening to audiobooks, 14 hours of watching offline videos or 10 hours of attending online classes.

The HONOR Pad 8 – with its large screen and distinctive color – comes with the HONOR Pad Flip Case at a price of 1199 AED, but you can buy it now at a price of AED1019 after the 15% discount that coincides with the end of the year sales. You can order it now from HONOR Online Store.

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