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Al Ansari Exchange advise customers against digital frauds and cybercrime

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, has advised customers to stay vigilant against digital frauds and cybercrimes. The company underlined the significance of the general public’s role in the prevention of phone, SMS and social media scams to avoid falling victim to such crimes, especially during the holiday season.

Al Ansari Exchange has consistently urged the public to remain alert against suspicious and fraudulent digital activities to prevent financial losses and damages. Customers have been advised to be more wary of any suspicious messages, e-mails or phone calls by validating them against information on the company’s website or by calling the customer service line and to report them to the appropriate authorities through the ‘My Safe Society’ app launched by the UAE’s federal Public prosecution (the app is available on iTunes), the Dubai Police at their toll-free number (901) or through their online platform ‘e-crime’ or the Abu Dhabi Police at their ‘Aman’ service hotline of 8002626 or through the www.adpolice.gov.ae portal.

Mohammed Bitar, Deputy CEO of Al Ansari Exchange, said “It is critical that we enhance community awareness about digital frauds and scams since knowledge is the first line of defense against being a victim of such crimes. People should be warned not to respond to suspicious calls and fraudulent communications. But in the unfortunate event where they become a victim of digital fraud, they should not hesitate to report it to the authorities to ensure stringent action against the fraudsters to protect and defend the stability of the community.”

Al Ansari Exchange has launched several awareness campaigns for its customers through SMS, leaflets and their social media channels. The company reiterated that it neither requests any personal information over the phone from winners of its promotions and campaigns nor does it charge fees for prize delivery. They highlighted that individuals who are contacted about prizes should visit the nearest Al Ansari Exchange branch or call the customer service line at 600546000 to verify the information and avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

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