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BenQ Middle East partners with MyGolfDubai to bring the most advanced simulation solutions for golf

Visual Display Solutions Giant BenQ has partnered with Dubai’s Premium Golf & Entertainment Lounge MyGolfDubai to bring the most advanced simulation solutions to the world of golf. They have state-of-the-art golf simulators and facilities to offer the same experience a player would get at any golf course, without having to go outdoors. MyGolf Dubai also features MyGolf Academy which is changing the way individuals learn to play golf through its unique coaching mechanics.

As part of this collaboration, BenQ has installed a permanent golf simulation laser projector LK936ST in one prominent bay at MyGolfDubai and will be working together towards advancing the golf simulation industry in UAE. With BenQ’s technologically advanced laser projectors, MyGolfDubai can now offer dramatically more engaging, realistic & immersive experiences for its customers to play at 197 golf courses around the world which is all built into their golfing simulator. The projectors are installed in partnership with GolfZon simulators recognized by Golf Digest as the best golf simulator 2017-2021.

According to the Emirates Golf Federation, there are 22 golf clubs in the UAE. In 2020, the market for golf simulators exploded as the newest simulators and projectors enabled people stuck in their homes to easily convert bedrooms, basements, and garages into their favourite golf courses.  For professional and amateur golfers who aspire to improve and master the game, practice is of utmost importance and many turned to indoor golf simulators for immersive practice that simulates real golf. In golf simulators, along with a launch monitor, impact screen & computer, projectors are used to project visuals from the computer onto the impact screen with the goal of creating as realistic and immersive an experience as you can ask for.

BenQ LK936ST 4K Short-Throw Laser Projector is the Ultimate Golf Simulation Projector, thanks to its industry leading specifications of True 4K UHD Resolution, Realistic Colour Accuracy, 5100 ANSI Lumens Brightness, Short-Throw Lens, Maintenance Free Laser lasting 20,000 hours and a host of nifty installation features. BenQ LK936ST perfectly reproduce the lush greens and vivid blues of the golf course at home. In some laser projections, colour aberration can cause excess blues and purples where they are not intended. To eradicate this issue, BenQ teamed up with colour experts to develop an exclusive Golf Mode. A quick setting option, Golf Mode corrects purple fringing using the blue and green colours from popular golf software and allows golfers to immerse themselves in pleasantly natural reproductions of blue sky and green grass.

Quote from Mr. Manish Bakshi, Managing Director of BenQ Middle East & Turkey, “We are proud to collaborate with MyGolfDubai and showcase our most advanced laser projector solutions to the region. This will enable users to have access to ultra-sharp visuals for more accurate shots. Our technology will provide an unparalleled experience, enabling people to practice their golfing skills in a realistic and safe environment.”

Quote from Michael Zhao, CEO of MyGolf Dubai, “At MyGolf Dubai, we are passionate about Golf and strive to provide an unrivalled golfing experience for our customers. Our collaboration with BenQ is going to further elevate that experience by providing access to the latest technology from BenQ which will enable users to have a more realistic and life-like way of practicing their skills.”

With this collaboration, BenQ and MyGolf Dubai hope to take indoor golfing experience to a whole new level. This is just another example of how collaboration can bring about positive change in society by leveraging cutting-edge technology. The projector can also double up as Golf Simulator by Day and Quality Family Home Cinema at Night, so its Win-Win all the way.

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