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The Nokia T21 is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that you will share with your partner

In time for this Valentine’s Day, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares new research revealing that food and tech are the items UAE consumers most willing to share with a romantic partner, with food topping the list at 57.53% followed by a phone charger at 37.79%. It comes as no surprise that the majority of people (74.88%) are more likely to share essential and everyday items with loved ones. Among everyday technology products, laptops are among the top three items people are most willing to share with a romantic partner, followed by a mobile phone charger (44.27%) and a mobile phone (40.58%).

Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, Vice President MENA, HMD Global, said: “It’s that time of year everyone wants to spend time with that special someone – and what better way to do that than by sharing everyday essentials like tech? This only goes show that technology is an integral part of people’s lives. But despite their reliance on their devices, people wouldn’t hesitate to share them with friends, family, and romantic partners. Nokia has a suite of products that adapt to multiple user preferences, and make a great gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, said: “It’s unsurprising that tech such as phones chargers are commonly shared items given their everyday use. Tablets in particular are made with shareability in mind, just like the Nokia T21, ideal for the whole family – whether it’s for work, learning or play, it’s made to adapt. Multiple years of software upgrades on smart devices also means that they can be shared for longer or passed down when you are looking to upgrade.”

The Nokia T21 comes in Charcoal Grey and is available in 4/64 GB memory and storage configuration in a Wi-Fi starting at average RRP of AED 799.

Items UAE consumers are most willing to share:
1.      Food 58.62%
2.      Phone charger 41%
3.      Water bottle  31%
4.      Mobile phone  32%
5.      Duvet 23.93%

[1] Research has been conducted by Censuswide on behalf of HMD Global Oy in 2023, surveyed across eight countries: UK, USA, Germany, Finland, UAE, Mexico, Poland and Romania

[2] Total list of items: food, 57.52%, phone charger 41.18%, duvet 35.40%, water bottle 30.95%, mobile phone 25.51%, streaming service password 25.37%, a home working space 24.27%, bank account 23.21%, toiletries 22.75%, tablet 21.77%, mobile phone passcode 16.49%, earbuds 14.74%, toothbrush 8.66%, underwear 6.47%

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