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HONOR to unleash the power of Magic at MWC 2023

This year, HONOR is gearing up to unveil a brand-new line-up of products under the theme “Unleash the Power of Magic” at MWC 2023, including HONOR Magic VS and HONOR Magic5 Series. HONOR’s latest devices showcase the brand’s commitment to creating a more intelligent world for users around the world.

HONOR will have an on-site launch event to unveil the latest foldable phone HONOR Magic Vs and the brand-new flagship HONOR Magic5 Series, at MWC 2023 on February 27th. There will also be a live stream of this launch event, set to start at 4:30 pm (UAE Time) from Barcelona, Spain. Click on the link to live stream HONOR MWC 2023 Launch Event.

As HONOR’s latest flagship smartphone and its first foldable to be launched globally, the HONOR Magic Vs embodies state-of-the-art foldable technology with a strong focus on hinge design and engineering, solving multiple pain points associated with foldable smartphones.

The HONOR Magic Vs sets new benchmarks for foldable smartphones carefully crafted with groundbreaking hinge technology, as it simplifies the complexity of foldable design with its industry-first super-light gearless hinge.

The hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs folds gracefully to boast a gap-free design, solving yet another pain point that other competing foldables smartphones on the market have not yet solved. Showing no openings when the device is folded, the gap-free design not only gives the device a premium look but also makes the device thinner.


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