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Share your special moments this Ramadan with TikTok

Ramadan is when family and friends gather over iftar and suhoor to celebrate togetherness, and this year TikTok is uniting and reinvigorating communities during the Holy Month by creating special moments and engaging activities on the platform that brings them together both locally and across the globe to engage on a variety of topics, observe key traditions and embrace the Holy Month’s spirit of camaraderie.

This year, TikTok is fostering the spirit of innovation and inspiration during the Holy Month with its dedicated Ramadan Effects Tab, where users can create content using animated frames to greet others, perform good deeds everyday through the randomizer effect, discuss trending TV shows in “The King of all Ramadan Series”, or take part in humorous and interactive quizzes about their Ramadan personality and many more fun activities in-app!

The unparalleled depth and diversity of the creative content on TikTok throughout the year, but particularly during Ramadan ranges from food, health, and TV series, DIY Ramadan decor ideas –  to book recommendations, fun contests and giveaways, hashtag discovery and more.

Statistics from last year’s Ramadan video views (VV) on TikTok validate the effectiveness and reach of such content, with #Ramadan2022 receiving a staggering 3.9 billion VVs. Two other content categories that were at the forefront of driving engagement and interaction on the platform were #RamadanPreps with 551 million VVs and #RamadanHealth with 439 million VVs – forming a critical part of the user engagement during the Holy Month. In addition, other popular categories that literally provided food for thought and sparked user creativity were #WhereToEat with 371 million VVs, and #ModestFashion with 156 million VVs.

This year, those categories and in-app activities receive a significant boost with #Ramadan2023 created as the overarching theme in the style of a search hub for the Holy Month. This prevailing theme is packed with a full slate of thought provoking and fun content that includes Ramadan memes, popular vlogs, wish notes, impact of good deeds, unboxing videos and much more.

That’s why this Ramadan, users are encouraged to search for Ramadan on TikTok to get inspirations and the magical community vibe as the region basks in the soulful reflection of the Holy Month.

  1. As the season during which TikTok users engage early on the platform, #RamadanPreps assumes great significance throughout the Holy Month. From sharing last-minute grocery shopping lists, Ramadan decorations and set-ups to meal preparations for iftar and suhoor, the most memorable moments of Ramadan are categorized under the hashtag to bring the community closer.
  2. This is further bolstered by highlighting the region’s culinary diversity through #TikTokCookbook where TikTok’s chef creators share delectable recipes for iftar and suhoor or through #WhereToEat for those who want to discover hidden gems from the foodie community.
  3. #RamadanHealth is another essential forum that dispenses vital knowledge and practical advice for remaining fit and joyful during the Holy Month.
  4. The #WhatToWatch entertainment hub meanwhile turns into a panoramic showcase of creativity and new talent during Ramadan, celebrating the season’s most authentic shows, series and trends.
  5. Last but not least, #WhatToWear for some modest fashion inspiration during the holy month from the region’s top fashion creators.

As the platform where the community convenes with a greater appetite to find entertainment and inspiration, TikTok is also collaborating with a diversified portfolio of creators from around the MENA region this Ramadan to offer new and exciting content. Follow them to stay inspired this Ramadan!

In addition to the inspiring Ramadan content, keep up with your favorite creators who will be broadcasting on TikTok LIVE with #Halla_Ramadan_LIVE where you’ll find a host of exciting content. Tune in to learn new recipes, watch weekly special cooking challenges and weekly performances:

  • #RamadanLIVEKitchen will have daily cooking sessions and weekly special cooking challenges all under the LIVE Kitchen umbrella where you can learn and have fun!
  • Ramadan Talks will have different TikTok creators discussing their favorite Ramadan series and events with the community.
  • #RamadanNights will include a magical musical and poetry night from some of the region’s talented music and poet creators

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